Mission-Critical Software Platforms

At the core of our integrated solutions is a strong backbone of combat proven software technology.


Our solutions, be it command & control, reconnaissance, aircraft survivability, or mission planning and debriefing systems, are all highly complex and sophisticated in their design. Eventhough we design and deliver customized solutions, our systems are built on proven software platforms, which have demonstrated their capabilities and reliability for several years.

When using a proven platform as basis, you are guaranteed: 

  • A proven platform field-tested by multiple customers
  • Rapid implementation of new functionality
  • Low system implementation risk
  • A cost-effective solution through re-use of existing components
  • Low maintenance costs.

Our platforms utilize COTS (Commercial Off-The-Shelf) software and operating systems for its basic and most common functions, which also ensures affordable solutions.

For our different markets, Terma has chosen to build a variety of core software platforms, thus ensuring that our customers will experience proven and stable technology, in combination with their freedom to have a system designed and tailored to their exact requirements and needs.

T-Core is Terma's common and generic platform, which forms the basis of all our C2/C3/C3i/C4IS and BMS solutions. T-Core, scalable from a single PDA to field-networked computer clusters, has proven real-time performance under military communication conditions, and it supports all major international link and protocol standards.

T-Flight is our common platform for all newer airborne aircraft survivability systems. It holds all communication, intercommunication, and configuration functionality, thus ensuring a rock stable basis for the customized aircraft integration. Further on, it includes the core functionality of our Embedded Training (ET) and Electronic Combat Adaptive Processing (ECAP).

T-Mission forms the basis for the mission planning systems used in our aircraft survivability solutions.