Space Systems

From the early days of European space exploration, Terma has been active within all phases of a space mission's lifecycle - from the early feasibility studies for missions through their realization and operation, and finally to the exploitation of the results of the mission.


Terma has been active in the space industry since the beginning of the 1970s and has provided systems, hardware, software, and services to the space sector. Terma has developed specific capabilities as a supplier of complete turnkey systems, specialized products, and specialist services.

A staff of 170 highly skilled and experienced employees is involved with space systems development and operations at our premises in Denmark, Germany, and The Netherlands as well as at numerous customer sites. 

Apart from our own locations, highly skilled and experienced employees are involved with space systems development and operations at numerous customer sites, e.g. at ESTEC (image courtesy: ESA)



Terma's Star Tracker

Terma delivers systems and products from a broad product range, for example Star Trackers at the equipment level, power conditioning at the subsystem level, and complete instruments and satellites at the system level.

The management and engineering approach is tailored to individual projects in order to ensure that we are responsive to our customers' needs.

Terma has an excellent track record of turning state-of-the-art technology into robust operational systems. Many of the projects involve mission-critical systems; therefore, a sound engineering approach is essential.


Terma has supplied numerous Mission Control Systems for the ground segment (image courtesy: ESA)

Terma has contributed to a wide range of European and international missions. Examples of the types of systems are small satellites and instruments, Star Trackers, power electronics, on-board software, and electrical ground support equipment for the space segment.

For the ground segment, Terma has contributed with mission control systems, satellite simulators, flight dynamics, telemetry decoders, data processing, and data management systems.

In addition, Terma has also provided specialist engineering services, including spacecraft flight dynamics, operations engineering, assembly, integration, and test (AIT) engineering, AIV engineering, specialist consultancy services, and IT support.

Terma clients are space agencies, spacecraft operators, prime contractors, and subsystem suppliers.