Human Rights

At Terma, we are committed to respecting and protecting human rights in all of our business operations. Through own activities, and those of business partners, companies risk either causing, contributing, or being linked with potential negative impacts on human rights.


Why this matters to society Why this matters to Terma
Terma impacts the communities in which we operate, through our activities as a workplace, our production, our products, and technologies. Respecting and enhancing fundamental rights is key to sustainable development and prosperity. We are committed to respect human and labor rights in all of our activities and operations, to maintain our social license to operate, and to protect our most important asset; our employees.

Human rights

Human rights is one of the 6 focus areas of Terma’s new 3-year CSR strategy Allies in Responsibility. To learn more about our aim, targets and activities within human rights, read our Booklet.


Terma as a responsible employer

Terma brings together people with different skills, expertise, ideas and background that together form an inspiring and inclusive workplace where everyone is treated with dignity and respect. We believe our employees to be the most important asset for building an organization with future sustainable growth that provides value not only to Terma, but to society as well. Taking care of our employees’ wellbeing is a natural responsibility for us to ensure that everyone can reach their full potential and that Terma’s employees feel proud of and committed to their workplace. As part of this responsibility, we focus on health and safety, providing a workplace with sound conditions and career opportunities, exciting and challenging jobs as well as flexible working hours.

Diversity and inclusion

As an international company serving diverse and unique customers worldwide, Terma relies upon a workforce that reflects this constantly changing global market. Internally, we want to foster a good working environment where each individual’s rights are respected and everyone can thrive and feel motivated in their daily work life. We believe there is strength in diversity and equality. By combining different people, ways of thinking and cultures, this creates a dynamic and competitive company, where greater innovation and value can be achieved going forward. Terma strives towards an inclusive workplace, where we can attract new employees from the widest talent pool.


“At Terma, we take safety very seriously. There is nothing more important than ensuring that our employees can work safely.”

Jørgen O. M. Laursen,Senior Vice President, Aerostructures Manufacturing

Health and safety

Being a highly technological industrial company, operating heavy machinery is part of the daily work life at our two production facilities in Grenaa and Lystrup. Maintaining a constant focus on occupational health and safety is therefore a high priority, as the human and labor rights of our employees must not be compromised. Terma provides a safe working environment for both employees and our visitors in accordance with applicable legislation and internationally acclaimed standards. Being a Danish company, we benefit from extensive national legislation in this area. At both production sites, local representation of our Working Environment Organization is in charge of handling any unforeseen incidents as well as updating mitigation procedures to prevent similar future accidents. As part of our commitment, a new Safety Excellence Program at Aerostructures Manufacturing was recently launched with the aim of supporting Terma in reaching a world-class safety culture. You can read more about this initiative below.

Terma’s Safety Excellence Program

Manufacturing Aerostructures implies the handling of components such as metals, chemicals and carbon fiber, which easily can entail a high-risk working environment for our employees. At Terma we take occupational health and safety very seriously. As a response to a recent increasing tendency of lost hours due to accidents, we launched a new Safety Excellence Program in early 2018 as part of new strategic initiatives within Aerostructures Manufacturing.

The program will run until fully implemented with the main purpose divided into three pillars; ensuring Terma reaches world-class safety levels, improving our safety culture and behavior and securing sustainable improvements by implementing a new management system.



Terma in the community

As part of Terma’s commitment to human and labor rights, we have a strong focus on further strengthening the positive impacts we have, such as education. We do so by providing the opportunity of further education to our employees, but also by partnering with educational institutions. We consider this a win-win situation. By welcoming young students we offer crucial work experience as well as mentoring and guidance in their professional work life. On the other hand, Terma gains innovative insights and knowledge from younger generations’ work approaches, their questions and mindset. We are also present in the community by supporting local initiatives and good causes.


UK Modern Slavery Act Statement

Modern slavery is a complex and serious global issue, with an unfortunate high predominance within the private sector. As the largest Defense and Security company in Denmark, everything we do revolves around delivering technology to make the world more secure, protecting sovereignty and human lives. We rely on a global supply chain to enable us to design, develop and manufacture our product portfolio at our two facilities in Denmark. The majority of our supply chain is located in OECD countries which provide certain standards and guidelines for business conduct and the prevention of modern slavery. Nevertheless, Terma is committed to respect human rights and uphold the highest ethical standards, by continuously maintaining and updating relevant policies and processes to avoid involvement in any violations of these universal rights.

Pursuant to the UK Modern Slavery Act 2015, Terma publishes an annual statement on our work with ensuring that the occurrence of modern slavery, compulsory or forced labor and human trafficking is not happening in our business and supply chain. Our most recent UK Modern Slavery Act Statement is available under Reports & Publications, and previous statements can be found in the Archive. Read more about our supply chain under Responsible Supply Chain in the menu to the left.