Terma Ethics Line

Employees and third parties can report anonymously or by name to the system.

Terma’s multilingual whistleblower system, Ethics Line, offers a confidential and safe channel, where any employee or third party can report concerns, if they suspect that serious illegal misconduct or other potential wrongdoing is taking place.

All reported incidents will be handled in an anonymous and professional manner without fear of retaliation for reporting. All reports are subject to careful and confidential investigation. If a reporter expresses a genuine suspicion, he/she will not be at risk of losing their job or suffer any form of sanctions or personal disadvantages as a result. Terma does not tolerate retaliations or retributions against people who submit reports. This also includes if the reporter is mistaken, provided that he/she is acting in good faith.

Employees and third parties can report anonymously or by name to the system. The reports are automatically sent to Terma’s Ethics Committee and the Chairman of the Terma A/S Board, who are the only ones who have access to the reports. All reports are investigated promptly, objectively and independently. 

Terma’s Ethics Line procedure describes each step of the investigation process, from receipt of the report to final outcome, highlighting the documentation and actions needed to be taken in each step of the investigation process. It additionally describes that if the Ethics Committee can communicate with the whistleblowers, either by the fact that the whistleblowers has provided a name or have set up a secured postbox through the system, then they are made aware of the outcome, if they so wish. Moreover, Terma’s investigation procedure describes how to conduct independent and confidential investigations. The investigation procedure is reviewed every 2 year or in response to any regulatory changes.  

During the whole investigation process the Chairman of the Terma A/S Board reviews information of findings, results of the investigation and recommendations. This is done regularly throughout the process and at least on a quarterly basis.

If the reported issue represents a criminal offence, the Ethics Committee and the Chairman of the Board are responsible for ensuring that the disclosure of criminal offences to relevant authorities is evaluated and acted upon if found necessary.  

If any complaints about the investigation process are made, these are handled professionally and are overseen by the Chairman of the Board, who is in charge of handling any escalation of complaints, in accordance with Terma’s procedure.

We will measure, through for instance, anonymized employee surveys, the confidence in both our system and in our policy of non-retaliation against both whistleblowers and employees who report bribery and corruption incidents, as well as other types of incidents.  

The Ethics Committee presents an annual report to the Board of Directors, which describes the amount of cases reported to the Ethics Line, the topics reported on, and other statistical information. Information is also disclosed in Terma’s annual CSR report.

Moreover, Terma employees can also make use of Terma’s internal case management system Tell us your concerns for concerns and reports that are not related to serious illegal misconduct, and which do not classify to be reported to Ethics Line. All reports are treated in a professional and confidential manner.

Link to Ethics Line reporting portal.