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Satellite Simulators

Ensure unparalleled accuracy and performance with Terma satellite simulators for satellite mission operation preparation, training the satellite operators, and supporting daily operations.

Terma Operational Simulators provide a full simulation of the spacecraft, the ground segment, and the space environment, essential for various pre-launch and operational activities. They are used for testing and verifying the ground segment, developing Flight Operations Procedures, and training the Flight Control Team to handle normal and contingency operations effectively.

The simulation environment accurately mirrors real spacecraft functions, integrating genuine spacecraft flight software using high-performance Terma emulators. Terma satellite simulators are vital for preparing satellite operations, training operators, and supporting daily operations, ensuring readiness and reliability throughout the mission lifecycle.


Realistic Space Simulation

Provides an immersive and authentic simulation of the spacecraft, ground segment, and space environment which is crucial for accurate mission preparation and operation.

Ground Segment Testing, Verification and Qualification

Ensure that the ground segment is fully functional and verified prior to the spacecraft launch, preventing potential issues during actual missions.

Flight Operations Training

Equip the Flight Control team with thorough training on normal and contingency operations, enhancing their readiness and performance for dealing with real mission scenarios.

Development of Contingency Procedures

Facilitate the creation of detailed and reliable procedures for various mission scenarios, including emergencies and special operations such as LEOP and eclipses.

Realistic Spacecraft Functionality Simulation.

Ensure the simulation environment closely mirrors the actual spacecraft functions, providing a highly representative and reliable simulation for mission planning and operations.

Integration of Real Spacecraft Flight Software

Use emulators to run the real spacecraft flight software within the simulation environment, enhancing the authenticity and effectiveness of the simulation.

High-Performance Terma Emulators

Leverage advanced Terma emulators at the heart of the simulator, in many cases achieiving performance faster than real-time, significantly boosting the efficiency and usefulness of the simulation.

Comprehensive Software Validation Facilities

Employ OBC Simulators in both operational simulators and Software Validation Facilities, supporting the development and rigorous testing of onboard software to ensure it meets all operational requirements.

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A typical operational simulator consists of:

  • Simulator kernel: Provides the scheduling, MMI, control interfaces etc.
  • Emulator: Host the spacecraft flight software
  • Spacecraft models: Simulate the various subsystems of the spacecraft (On Board Computer and Data Handling, AOCS, Communications, Thermal, Power, and Payload Models)
  • Ground Models: Simulate the ground segment
  • Environment models: Simulate the space environment
  • Dynamic models: To be used with the AOCS subsystem

All simulators and models provided by Terma are SMP2/ECSS-SMP compliant and can run in a variety of simulation kernels.


We have developed and maintained simulators for 30+ years for both the commercial and institutional missions, incl. deep space. The projects include:

  • OBC Simulators for a number of missions
  • ExoMars2016
  • Sentinel-1A-D
  • Autonomous Transfer Vehicle (ATV)
  • Integral
  • Huygens
  • NDIU Lite.

Terma has been responsible for the development of the ESOC Simulation Infrastructure – SIMSAT – in the latest versions. SIMSAT is a real time simulation kernel.

In addition to SIMSAT being at the core of any operational simulator, we have also developed high performance emulators of the flight processors – these emulators are necessary to be able to run the real flight software in the Operational Simulator. The Terma emulators offer higher performance and support of newer processors (ERC32, LEON2, LEON3, P2020, GRC750 as well as ARM).

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