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Terma at Shallow and Deepwater Mexico

Meet our Team at Shallow and Deepwater Mexico on 12-14 October

We are happy to exhibit at the Shallow and Deepwater exhibition and conference in Ciudad Del Carmen, Campeche, Mexico. and look forward to presenting our SCANTER Radar solutions.

Visit our booth to learn more about our Vessel Traffic Service, Coastal Surveillance and Critical Infrastructure Protection for dependable surveillance.

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Terma SCANTER 1002 Ground Surveillance Radar on site close to US coast line
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Vessel Traffice Services

Radar Sensor Systems for Ports and Major Waterways

At Terma, we have delivered and installed numerous radar sensor systems worldwide since the early 1990s - initially tailored for VTS applications in ports and waterways where the increased vessel traffic in congested areas called for improved monitoring and surveillance.
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Coastal Surveillance

Protecting Your Coastline and Maritime Domain

Detecting illegal activities is becoming increasingly demanding, with smugglers, illegal fishers and poachers refining their schemes. To maintain complete situational awareness of your national waters and exclusive economic zone, your coastline or port needs a surveillance system that exceeds the level of modern threats or safety issues. 
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Critical Infrastructure Protection


Safeguarding your critical infrastructure means protecting essential assets. If major transportation hubs are threatened or if power and water supply is jeopardized, then so are the lives of the people residing in your country.
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Mark Mahoney

Director, Surveillance & Mission Systems

Mark Mahoney