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Ensure Maximum Safety and Security at Your Airport no Matter What Might Happen

Terma at World ATM Congress

Meet our team in Madrid on 21-23 June 2022

We are excited to present our solutions at the World ATM Congress in Madrid on 21-23 June. 

Visit us at booth 446 to hear how our solutions can ensure that your airport is run efficiently and make sure that safety risks are addressed immediately. With our reliable and proven radar systems, we provide constant situational awareness at your airport. 

At Terma, we have provided civil and military airports with sensors and surveillance systems for more than 60 years. More than 3,000 radar systems have been installed for security and safety purposes worldwide.

Aircraft leaving airport with Terma radar for safety and security Arne V. Petersen - Copenhagen Airport
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Surface Movement Radar


Ensure safe movement of aircraft, vehicles, baggage wagons and cargo at your airport. With our Surface Movement Radar you can see and track the airplane from it has landed to the time it’s safely parked and ready to unload. And again when it leaves from the terminal until take-off. With Enhanced SMR (eSMR) there is an optional capability to detect and track descending as well as ascending aircraft in a radius of 10,000m from the radar with an update rate of 1 sec.
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13C Terma SCANTER Radar In Airport
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Wind Farm Radar Mitigation


With our Wind Farm Radar Mitigation (WRM), inter-turbine visibility, detection and tracking of small air targets inside and around wind farms becomes a reality. Terma’s surveillance system is unique in providing these features. With our SCANTER radar for WRM, airports avoid wind turbines appearing as false targets, ensuring full overview of legitimate targets located near wind turbines.
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34B Bahrain Airport
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Terminal Approach Radar


Locate any plane approaching your airport. Terminal Approach Radar gives you superior coverage against low flying air targets and provides a high angular accuracy and resolution and ensures air traffic flows smoothly at a high-capacity airport. TAR is essential for running an efficient airport in the modern world.
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