Terma Unveils Compact SMR Gap-Filler Solution

Terma proudly announces the launch of the SCANTER 2502 Compact Surface Movement Radar (cSMR).

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Revealed in March at the esteemed Airspace World event in Geneva, cSMR sets a new benchmark in the industry as a gap-filler radar with its compact design and exceptional performance capabilities.

As a supplement to existing SMRs, cSMR with its compact form factor and high performance, is designed to mitigate blind spots in or around more challenging areas in airports, offering total radar coverage, even in traditionally hard-to-reach areas obstructed by airport terminals etc. The key feature of the SCANTER 2502 based cSMR radar is the ability to detect both cooperative and non-cooperative objects, ensuring complete situational awareness.

This innovation allows for an unprecedented level of monitoring and safety, addressing gaps that other systems might miss. Airports can now maintain a detailed and continuous overview, improving operational efficiency and elevating safety standards across the board.

Moreover, the SCANTER 2502 demonstrates its versatility by its ability to serve as a SMR radar in small airports or remote tower operated airports, showcasing its adaptability and effectiveness in diverse aviation settings.

"We are excited to introduce the SCANTER 2502 compact SMR solution. This innovative radar system represents a significant advancement in radar technology, providing unparalleled performance and reliability in a compact and easy to install package. With the SCANTER 2502 radar, airports can achieve complete situational awareness and enhanced safety like never before." says Kristoffer Engelbæk, Sales Manager, Security Sales.

The new cSMR solution adds to the already +250 SCANTER radars operating in airports around the world and is available for sales today.

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