IOMAX USA Archangel Aircraft to be Equipped with Terma Modular Aircraft Self-Protection Equipment


Terma has been selected by IOMAX USA to provide the aircraft self-protection suite for their second generation Archangel aircraft.

Paris Air Show, France – The contract provides design, development, and sustainment for systems to support aircraft deliveries beginning this year. Delivery and flight testing will commence this summer in order to meet schedule for delivery of the first aircraft to the end customer in United Arab Emirates. 

The Archangel aircraft

“Entering into this program with a new partner and a new aircraft platform is yet another recognition of Terma’s position as a valued and reliable supplier of our proven aircraft survivability equipment,” said Dan Ulrich, Senior Vice President, Terma Airborne Systems.

The Archangel is based on the Thrush single-turboprop aircraft designed to operate between 16,000 and 25,000 ft at speeds around 200 knots for precision payload delivery.

The aircraft self-protection suite is managed using the latest Terma ALQ-213 Electronic Warfare Management System hardware and software. Terma’s configurable Modular Aircraft Self-Protection Equipment (MASE) pods provide a mission configuration capability and can be configured to support a variety of aircraft self-protection solutions depending on the specific aircraft and mission requirements.  

Terma's Modular Aircraft Self-Protection Equipment (MASE) pod

In the IOMAX aircraft configuration, they house missile warning sensors and countermeasures dispensing systems. In addition to fixed-wing use, variations of this system have been developed by Terma for use on the EH-101 and Fennec helicopters, on the AH-64 APACHE.

The IOMAX USA Archangel aircraft is an intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) aircraft equipped with advanced sensors and hard points to provide a wide variety of mission capability to operators. Terma’s MASE pods provide operators with the ability to mission configure the aircraft as needed. They can be removed when not required, reducing weight and drag, which allows for longer mission endurance; and enables rapid change of mission configuration.

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