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ASIM successfully installed on ISS


ASIM hs been successfully installed on the European Columbus module on the International Space Station (ISS)

Copenhagen, Denmark - Friday night at 8:00 pm (CEST), the Danish led ESA observatory ASIM – Atmosphere-Space Interactions Monitor – was successfully installed on the European Columbus module on the International Space Station (ISS).

ASIM installed-464ASIM being installed

The initial data from ASIM indicated that the instrument package was in good shape and allowed for final connection performed by the astronauts aboard ISS.

Two hours and 25 minutes after the installation, the entire operation was concluded when ASIM’s main computer was turned on and data received.

“This is a big event for the entire ASIM consortium. After 12 years of hard work from industry and academia, we are finally ready to make breaking science, explaining the upper atmospheric phenomena coming from thunder clouds, said Carsten Jørgensen, Senior Vice President, Terma Space.

ASIM_CJ-464Carsten Jørgensen being interviewed by the Danish media on the night of the ASIM installation at ISS

“I would like to thank all Terma employees involved in this project as well as our Danish partners at DTU Space, subcontractors, and international partners, and not least ESA for making this project possible. I hope that the space community will be inspired by the success of ASIM and will look positively at our coming proposal for a small update of the ASIM instrument, making science possible at an even higher scale. ASIM contains new technology which we expect will pave the way into a number of future space missions,” said Carsten Jørgensen.

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