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Active Noise Reduction

Reduce cockpit noise and protect pilots from hearing impairment.

Improving Aircrew Performance

On missions, your aircrew need the best conditions to make mission-critical decisions.

Longer missions that continue for weeks or even months, with single flights lasting up to ten hours, leave your aircrew exhausted, nauseous and sometimes even with hearing impairment. These are sub-optimal circumstances for mission success, both now and in the future. With our active noise reduction system, performance and endurance will improve.

Reduction of stress and fatigue

Increased speech intelligibility

Comfortable and low-maintenance earcup

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A Vital Piece of the Puzzle of Mission Success

The work conditions under which aviators operate have changed. In the past, shorter missions lasting no more than a few hours were the norm. Today, it’s a different story. Longer flights have become the new normal for aircrews worldwide. Longer flights mean higher stress levels, increased fatigue and risk of hearing damage. These conditions create demand for new and more effective noise-reduction solutions.

At Terma, our active noise reduction system has become a vital piece of the puzzle of successful mission outcomes. Cancelling out unimportant noise makes it so that pilots experience  less fatigue and stress, while optimal audio quality also enables pilots to hear and understand their colleagues and commanders clearly through the earcups.

Battle-Proven In-Helmet Audio Solution

Our active noise reduction solution has been fully tested in various noise heavy environments and is currently used by the Royal Danish Air Force, on the F-16 and has been deployed on multiple live missions worldwide.

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Reduced Stress

Longer flights are the new norm. This has resulted in higher expectations for aircrew, who still operate in noisy and stressful surroundings. The active noise reduction system provides low-frequency hearing protection that is proven to reduce the stress levels of pilots.

Reduced Hearing Damage

The low-frequency capabilities of our active noise reduction solution are developed to protect your aircrew’s hearing. By reducing overall noise levels, your pilots will be able to return home in the best possible condition.

Reduced Fatigue

Pilot fatigue is a leading contributor to accidents and fatalities. As fatigue levels increase, pilots’ information searching and processing abilities decrease. In other words, pilot fatigue levels are directly linked to performance and survival. When using the active noise reduction system, aircrew feel less fatigued during missions and throughout operations.

Increased Speech Intelligibility

Being able to clearly understand incoming commands from wingmen and ground bases should be a given. However, in a cockpit with excessive, unpleasant noise, this is rarely the case. By lowering the noise through sophisticated active noise reduction designed specifically for military aircraft, the signal-to-noise ratio improves significantly. With our in-helmet active noise reduction solution, you can ensure full intelligibility for your fighter pilots.

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Your mission success requires proven technology and effective integration of subsystems. Our expertise within mission critical software and systems integration ensure you unsurpassed quality, value and reliability.
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