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Alternate Mission Equipment (AME)

We have the competences and in-house manufacturing facilities to develop, qualify, and deliver structural solutions tailored for specific aircraft.

We offer a wide range of structural products including Terma-designed pods, pylons, or other fixtures that allow for non-complex aircraft installations with a minimum impact on the airframe.

Our structural products typically add capabilities to the existing aircraft configuration in the form of extra dispense stations and addition of subsystems to optimize the survivability of the aircraft. 


Reduces Cost of Aircraft Modifications

We have more than 30 years of experience in developing design concepts that meet the requirements and minimize the impact on the aircraft. By utilizing our modular product portfolio, we always strive to use existing aircraft "hard points" and/or develop specialized affordable scab-on solutions that can host countermeasures and sensors on any type of aircraft.

We Offer the Complete Solution

We offer the complete installation including integration and installation of subsystems and full checkout and certification prior to delivery to our customers.

Our Solutions can be Tailored for any Aircraft Platform

Our structural solutions are fielded on fighters, helicopters, and transport aircraft.

Full Operational Capability Retained

With our structural solutions installed, the aircraft maintains the operational capability such as weapon carriage capability, etc. 


Examples of installations:

D151126ED055 Mediacentrum Defensie (MCD)

CH-47D/F Chinook

Two pods, one on each side of the fuselage, are each equipped with three UV missile warning sensors and one Directional Infrared Countermeasures (DIRCM) unit. This provides 360 degree spherical coverage against incoming infrared missiles. Mounting of sensors and DIRCM in the same pod eliminates inaccuracies caused by fuselage torque during maneuvering.
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C-160 Transall

On the C-160 Transall, sensors are installed in the fuselage. The chaff/flare capacity has been increased to a total of 36 magazines. Two under-wing Modular Countermeasures Pods, MCP-10, each contains ten magazines and two scab-on mounted units each containing four magazines. The original eight fuselage mounted magazines are retained.
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F-16 Pylon Integrated Dispensing System with missile warning sensors. Each pylon contains three UV missile warning sensors and two chaff/flare magazines. Full weapons carrying capability is retained.

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