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Ground Segment Suite

Advanced products and solutions for the space and ground segment


Three of the main components of a ground segment are the control system itself and the supporting applications of flight dynamics and mission planning

Bepicolombo In Low Earth Orbit ESA - ATG Medialab
Satellite Control System

Achieving Operations Efficiently

At the heart of the ground segment is the satellite control system. Our CCS5 product gives you the functions you need to prepare for and conduct automated operations, whether this is for single satellite through to large constellations and fleets. This is supported by STAT for data processing and a number of ground station interfaces – including uNIS for SLE based ground stations. We can also provide and support control systems based on the ESA SCOS-2000 system.
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Aeolus Separation ESA
Flight Dynamics

Visualize and Automate Flight Dynamics

Our Flight Dynamics Product — ORBIT — uses the Orekit library. The visualization of the orbits, antennae and ground station coverage is handled by TRACK. ORBIT is designed for automated operations scenarios with TRACK delivering real-time graphical visualization and analysis of spacecraft data.
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Bepi Colombo Electrical Stack Configuration
Test and Simulation

Preparing your spacecraft

The CCS5 and TSC products allow you to control and test your spacecraft and subsystems. The user can prepare and conduct testing activities and analyze the results. Furthermore, when it comes to flight software development, utilize our processor emulator product for a number of flight processors — this is the heart of a Software Validation Facility or an Operational Simulator. Finally, we can help control and monitor your thermal test facilities with our STAMP product.
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