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Secure reliable testing for instruments of navigation, science, earth observation and transponders of telecommunication satellites


The Payload EGSE, enhanced by Terma’s ProUST FE (a front-end equipment for spacecraft interface testing) and Power Distribution Unit (a device used to manage and distribute electrical power throughout the test setup), is an extremely flexible solution to reliably test the instruments of navigation, earth observation and transponders of telecom satellites. Designed with the client's need for control, adaptability, and efficiency in mind, it features a test case set-up that supports a large variety of satellite / subsystem configurations and respective test requirements.

Proven trustworthiness and reliability

Fully automated

Flexible and adaptable for individual requirements and budget

User cases

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Payload EGSE

Terma’s Payload EGSE provides a fully automated execution of RF tests and calibrations. All test sequences and procedures are defined in the Open-Source Language TCL - TK and allowfor easy tailoring and extending them to best fit your requirements. Payload EGSE easily integrates with heterogeneous devices from different vendors. By re-using a large part of your EGSE heritage, it reduces the overall testing costs.
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Instrument EGSE

Instrument EGSE leverages cutting-edge ProUST technologies to offer a highly flexible satellite testing platform for the sophisticated communication check-out between on-board computer and instruments used in navigation, science and earth observation satellites. It supports automated test executions, integrates seamlessly with components from various vendors; simplifies complex testing procedures and accelerates the validation process, ensuring rapid deployment and high reliability of satellite instruments.


Adaptable Testing Framework

Terma Payload EGSE supports a wide array of satellite and subsystem configurations. With its flexible test case setup, it meets diverse testing requirements, ensuring thorough validation across various platforms.

Automated Calibrations and Testing

Enhance operational efficiency with our fully automated test execution capabilities. This feature allows for seamless calibrations and testing processes, reducing manual effort and minimizing the risk of errors.

Integration with Multiple Components

The system is designed to integrate effortlessly with heterogeneous components from different providers and suppliers. This compatibility facilitates a smoother, more cohesive testing workflow.

Cost-Effective Reuse of Existing Assets

By allowing the reuse of a significant portion of your existing EGSE assets, our Payload EGSE helps minimize your overall testing expenses. This approach not only saves costs but also accelerates the testing process by utilizing familiar equipment.

Customizable and Extendable

All test sequences and procedures are defined using the Open Source Language TCL-TK, offering flexibility to tailor and extend functionalities to best fit specific requirements. This customization capability ensures that our system can adapt to evolving testing needs and technological advancements.


Terma boasts a substantial heritage in supporting high-profile missions such as OneWeb, Euclid, Sentinel-5, Galileo and SpaceRider, demonstrating our proven expertise and reliability in the field of satellite testing.

Euclid’s view of the Horsehead Nebula.
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Spearheaded by the European Space Agency and launched in 2023, the Euclid Mission aims to unravel the mysteries of dark matter and dark energy in the cosmos using a state-of-the-art space telescope. Our crucial role in supplying flight equipment and systems for testing and operations contributes to the satellite's sustained operation, allowing groundbreaking discoveries in astrophysics and cosmology.
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