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Power Systems & Electronics

Customized and standardized reliable and efficient electrical power for all types of satellites

Key to Successful Missions

The power systems for space applications are designed to support a wide range of space missions with varying lifetimes and requirements. Whether it's a short-lived satellite or a long-lived spacecraft with stringent radiation tolerance requirements, the power systems are built to meet the needs of each mission.

Scalable and customizable to mission requirements

Efficient and redundant for maximum reliability and performance.

Low mass and volume

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Expertise is key to successful missions

Terma has been a key player in the development and manufacturing of electronic units for space missions for over three decades. These missions include the Danish Ørsted satellite, European Space Agency (ESA) missions such as XMM-Newton, Integral, Rosetta, Mars Express, Venus Express, BepiColombo, Euclid, PLATO and number of military classified missions. Terma's expertise in designing and manufacturing spacecraft power systems has been critical to the success of these missions.
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For all mission types

Unique tailoring opportunities

The Power Management and Distribution system architecture is modular, offering a unique opportunity for tailoring the design to mission-specific requirements, while at the same time still benefiting from a standardized and qualified solution. The enhanced flexibility and adaptability facilitate convenient assembly, integration, and testing of the satellite.


Our Power Management and Distribution (PMAD) system is a flight-proven modular concept qualified for deep space and Earth orbit missions. The unique system maximizes power efficiency and utilization in satellite missions.

The power system functions are designed with the latest state-of-the-art power technology to enhance reliability and power-to-weight performance, while utilizing high frequency switched-mode power conversion technology to minimize unit mass.

The system scales to a power capacity of up to 15 kW and offers all classical applied power system functions, including failure tolerant Maximum Power Point Tracking capability.

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