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Power Systems & Electronics

Customized and standardized reliable and efficient electrical power for all types of satellites

Key to Successful Missions

The power systems (Power Conditioning and Distribution Unit/ Power Management and Distribution) for space applications are designed to support a wide range of space missions with varying environment and requirements. The Terma power units are modular and thereby scalable to any kind of mission like deep space probes, interplanetary satellites or traditional Earth orbit spacecrafts.

Scalable and customizable to mission requirements

Efficient and redundant for maximum reliability and performance.

Low mass and volume

For all mission types

Unique tailoring opportunities

The Power Conditioning and Distribution Unit system architecture is modular, offering a unique opportunity for tailoring the unit to mission-specific requirements, while at the same time still benefiting from a standardized and qualified solution. The enhanced flexibility and adaptability facilitate convenient assembly, integration, and testing of the satellite.


Modular System Architecture

Terma Power Management and Distribution (PMAD) system is designed for reliability in both deep space, Geostationary- and Earth orbit missions. Its modular concept has been tested and proven in actual flight conditions, ensuring robust performance.

Enhanced Power Efficiency

The system is engineered to maximize power efficiency and utilization specifically for satellite missions. This feature helps in reducing energy waste and improving overall system effectiveness.

Advanced Power Technology

Utilizing the latest state-of-the-art power technology, the PMAD system offers enhanced reliability and an improved power-to-weight performance. This results in a lighter, yet more powerful system suitable for a variety of mission profiles.

Low Mass

The incorporation of high frequency switched-mode power conversion technology minimizes the unit's mass, making it ideal for space applications where every kilogram matters.

Scalable Power Capacity

Capable of scaling up to a power capacity of 15 kW, our system accommodates a range of power requirements. This scalability ensures that the system can be tailored to meet the specific demands of different satellite missions.

Comprehensive Power System Functions

The PMAD system includes all classical applied power system functions. It offers failure-tolerant regulated and unregulated bus systems at 28V, 50V, and 100V, with options for Sequential Shunt Switching regulation or Maximum Power Point Tracking, enhancing its adaptability and reliability in various operational scenarios.

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Terma has been a key player in the development and manufacturing of electronic units for space missions for over five decades. These missions include several European Space Agency (ESA) missions such as XMM-Newton, Integral, Rosetta, Mars Express, Venus Express, BepiColombo, Euclid, PLATO and number of military classified missions. Terma's expertise in development and manufacturing spacecraft power systems has been critical to the success of these missions.

Bepicolombo Heads To Mercury ESA
Case study


We are proud to be deeply involved in providing spacecraft power systems for BepiColombo. We have been directly involved in the preparation of the mission for more than 15 years and will continue to be part of the mission operations during its flight to Mercury.
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Euclid Spacecraft Illustration ESA
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Spearheaded by the European Space Agency and launched in 2023, the Euclid Mission aims to unravel the mysteries of dark matter and dark energy in the cosmos using a state-of-the-art space telescope. Our crucial role in supplying spacecraft power systems allowing groundbreaking discoveries in astrophysics and cosmology.
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