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With the first equipment launched in 1972, Terma is among the most experienced European providers of mission-critical products, software, and services for space missions. Terma excels in state-of-the-art niche technology and robust operational systems for the space industry. Working in close collaboration with customers and leading industry bodies, we develop advanced, mission-specific solutions.

Operating in all phases of space program development, Terma's unique systems, software, and products are depended upon all over the world by astronauts, spacecraft, and organizations for mission success. Our solutions include customized systems for space science, earth observation, navigation, and telecommunication programs.

Space missions boks Space Missions Since the beginning of the 1970s, Terma has participated in numerous European space missions worldwide (image courtesy: ESA). Venus Express - space segment - overview Space Segment Terma has contributed to a wide range of European and international missions with high-end electronics, software, and systems (image courtesy: ESA). ESOC_control_room 234x138 Ground Segment Terma has contributed to software systems for ground segments for a wide range of space missions with high-end electronics and systems worldwide (image courtesy: ESA). Specialist services - box Specialist Services Terma provides specialist services to space agencies and prime contractors.
Customer Stories
Huygens Probe Dependent on Terma Equipment

Terma supplied the Mission Timer Unit (MTU) for the Huygens probe.

Leading Independent Supplier

Terma is the leading independent European systems integrator and supplier of system solutions used for testing and validating equipment during the vital satellite integration and checkout prior to launch. These operations include thorough testing of satellite platforms and instruments.

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ASIM on the cover of Science

Ground-breaking observations from the Danish-led ASIM mission published in the prestigious scientific magazine Science’ 10 January 2020 edition.

Terma’s Spacecraft Control System is “constellation ready”

CCS5, a fully functioning satellite control system, is now capable of operating 10s, 100s or even many 1,000s of satellites in parallel.

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