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Terma Space Missions

Since the beginning of the 1970s, Terma has participated in several international space missions.


Terma's space activities include all phases of a mission's lifecycle - from the early feasibility studies for missions through their realization and operation, and finally to the exploitation of the results of the mission.

See list below of Terma's participation in space missions.

Missions     Launch 
ESRO IV   1972
COS-B   1975
EXOSAT   1983
OCG   1983
LDEF   1984
OLYMPUS   1989
Ulysses (ISPM)   1990
EURECA   1992
ISO   1995
Cassini/Huygens   1997
SKYNET   1997
Ørsted   1999
XMM-Newton   1999
SAC-C   2000
MSG-1   2002
Mars Express   2003
Rosetta   2004
CryoSat   2005
MSG-2   2005
Venus Express   2005
Radarsat-2    2007
Herschel   2009
Planck   2009
CryoSat2   2010
Galileo   2011/2012
MSG-3   2012
Sentinel-1   2012
Sapphire        2012
Lisa Pathfinder   2013
GAIA   2013
ERA (ISS)   2013
Aeolus   2013
BebiColumbo   2014
ExoMars      2016   

Bebi Columbo (image courtesy ESA - P.- Carril).