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Star Trackers

Fully autonomous attitude determination and world renowned accuracy.



Terma has a long heritage in autonomous star trackers. We presently offer four star tracker designs:

  • The T1 star tracker is our newest generation arc-second class star tracker.
  • The T2 star tracker is a 3 arc-second class star tracker. The T2 optical head has flight heritage, and shares the electronics unit with the T1 star tracker.
  • The T3 star tracker is a compact version of the T1 star tracker with built-in high reliable COTS electronic unit.
  • The HE-5AS star tracker is our legacy star tracker with flight heritage from a large number of units in orbit on spacecraft owned by the European Space Agency, the U.S. Department of Defense and many others.

Please visit our specific design brochures for detailed descriptions. T3 information is found in the T1 Star Tracker options brochure.


T1 Star Tracker - coverTerma’s T1 Star Tracker