Specialist Services

Terma provides specialist engineering support services to space agencies and prime contractors. These include flight dynamics support, operations engineering, AIT/AIV engineering, highly specialized engineering services and IT support.


Terma has provided advanced engineering services to customers from the late 1970s. Customers include:

  • ESA/ESTEC – the R&D centre for the European Space Agency
  • ESA/ESOC – the spacecraft operations centre for the European Space Agency
  • Eumetsat – the European Meteorological Organization
  • ESO – the European Southern Observatory
  • EPO – European Patent Office
  • EADS-Astrium
  • Thales
  • OHB
  • KayserThrede
ESA's European Space Research and Technology Centre (ESTEC) in The Netherlands.



The work ranges from individual consultancy positions through to teams of engineers providing a complete service – we have experience of providing a range of options to best suit a customers needs.

These services can address a customer’s needs for highly specialist consultants as well more extensive services.

For example, on more IT related activities for some of the laboratories in ESTEC, we have brought significant cost benefits to our customers by organizing the work as a service team rather than a host of individual technical support positions.

Both the infrastructure and the operation of the laboratories have been developed and, subsequently, significantly streamlined. In addition to providing normal day-to-day services, Terma also provides strategic consulting studies and proposes modifications to the infrastructure to promote a cost-effective service provision. Thus, ESA/ESTEC has benefited highly from the efficiency improvements brought by the Terma services.

Substantial progress has been made in all areas. The benefits include a reduction in the number of equipment and software licenses required and hence reduced maintenance costs. The simplification of the fundamental infrastructure reduces down time due to the reduction in technical intervention. This, in turn, has reduced the service team work load. 

The European Robotic Arm in the laboratory at ESTEC (image courtesy: ESA).


The type of activities supported are very diverse:

  • Flight Dynamics Support for ESA/ESOC
  • Engineering Services for ESA/ESTEC – ranging from support in on board architectures, AOCS specialists, .on-board power systems, concurrent engineering, RF engineering, software engineering
  • IT Services for ESA/ESTEC
  • IT Services for the ESO – Data Management Office – managing petabytes of data from astronomical observations
  • Spacecraft operations engineering for ESA/ESOC
  • Spacecraft operations engineering for CNES – ATV operations
  • Engineering Support for ESA/ESOC
  • Software Engineering Support for Astrium – Columbus
  • Software Engineering Support for Thales - Galileo
  • AIT Engineering for Astrium – GAIA, Galileo, EarthCARE
For years, Terma has supported ESA with preparations for the International Space Station

Today we are able to provide these services to customers in Germany, France, The Netherlands the UK and Denmark as well as other locations.