Airport Solutions

For more than 60 years, Terma has been a leading and preferred primary sensor supplier, providing radar security solutions for both civilian and military airports throughout the world.

Our Surface Movement Radar (SMR) secures safe transportation of passengers and cargo from the time the aircraft has landed until it is safely parked and ready to unload.

Our airport surveillance radar provides air surveillance in airport terminal control areas and is the first radar with wind farm mitigation to become operational in an air traffic control environment.

Our intelligent wide area detection system T.react CIP will provide the airport security team with more time to react by fully controlling far and near areas rather than a thin boundary line.

More than 3,000 SCANTER radar systems have been installed worldwide to improve security and safety at airports, harbors, borders, wind farms, and coastlines.


Airport Solutions
wind farm radar mitigation box Wind Farm Radar Mitigation Terma Radar Systems manufactures an air surveillance system providing interturbine visibility and detection and tracking of small air targets inside and around wind farms. airport vignet Airport Surface Movement Radar The only airport ground surveillance radar sensor operational in more than 100 major airports throughout the world. Airport wide area protection Airport wide area protection Terma provides wide area radar perimeter security solutions for both civilian and military airports.