Critical Infrastructure Protection

Terma develops and sells products enabling a high level of protection of critical infrastructures. Critical infrastructures in this respect include power plants, oil pipelines, harbors, airports, and similar critical infrastructures. The products deliver a total situational awareness in the area and around the critical infrastructure, thereby increasing the time available to react, and provide a reliable solution for voice communication.

T.react CIP provides one situation picture on one or more workstations showing all moving objects (vehicles, people, etc.) inside and outside the critical infrastructure. The situational overview is generated by correlating input from multiple advanced surveillance sensors, e.g. Terma ground surveillance radars, cameras, and other intrusion detection sensors and systems.

T.react CIP also simplifies the assessment of the situation with advanced analysis tools that automatically raise an alarm when something requires attention and action.  

Terma is an experienced supplier of integrated defense and homeland security systems. For decades, Terma has delivered high quality, innovative, proven, and tested control room and radar surveillance solutions to emergency organizations, ports, airports, and defense forces.

T.react box 2 Wide area protection T.react CIP is a unique solution that gives you a complete situational overview of the protected area. Airport wide area protection Airport wide area protection Terma provides wide area radar perimeter security solutions for both civilian and military airports.