Tactical Communication

Tac-Flex gives situation awareness as well as ensures deployed secure communication in a flexible network.


Tac-Flex is a command & control system in a scalable solution designed to provide complete situation awareness. It effectively combine GPS data with information from other sensor and information systems, and therefore delivers a well-structured, complete, and customizable overview of the situation in real-time. A key feature is that Tac-Flex in design is very simple to use and thus requiring little training.

Tac-Flex comes with a build-in comms software package entailing an intelligent and secure solution that offers a network optimized for radio connections. The functionality is similar to that of a tactical router, which allows all entities in a network to share situation information, enabling fast decision processes based on up-to-date information.

The functionality also enables to build a network that offers flexibility to connect systems and equipment in one configuration for one operation and on-the-fly change to a completely different configuration for another operation.

Battlefield deployment


Improved Decision-Making Process
Tac-Flex is built around a Network Based Operations (NBO) philosophy, which links multiple platforms and enables them to exchange important operational data for complete situational awareness and thus generate a common operational picture (COP).

Enhanced Force Protection
The integrated blue force tracking distinguishes between friend and foe and reduces the possibility of friendly fire. In addition, the possibility to share observations of suspicious movements allows for an early warning of a potential threat.

Easy-to-Learn and Operate
Easy to operate in even the harshest conditions, the system's intuitive interface gives access to a wide range of command and control functionalities only requiring a brief training course.

Reduced Error Rate
The risk of human error is reduced by using digital messaging and positioning together with touch-screen displays that provide clear and highly accurate information.

Use multiple data communication systems
Embracing a large variety of communication media, Tac-Flex supports UHF, VHF and HF tactical radios, SATCOM and Wi-Fi for data transmission of track information and messages. The build-in comms software package allows multiple networks using different protocols to communicate with each other and thus interconnecting incompatible systems into a mesh network.

Enabling Joint Operations
It offers a scalable network solution with the flexibility to connect and adapt to coalition partners, allowing plug-and-operate operations in a combined, and/or joint environment.

Secure Communication
Data transmission security is a must to battlefield networks and a wide range of security options are embedded into the build-in comms software package that is easy and straightforward for the soldier to manage through distribution of keys and configuration of setup.

Easy deployment


User Interface

  • Touch screen functionality (640x480 pixels or higher)
  • CBRN glove compatible
  • Menu for dispatching messages via CNR and IP
  • Night vision mode


  • Automatic bandwidth management with dynamic selection of radio technology with highest bandwidth
  • Automatic bandwidth limitation
  • Transparent routing between different radio technologies
  • Built-in on-line diagnostic for network overview
  • Multicast IP using User Datagram Protocol for reliable data transport on low bandwidth networks
  • Runs on standard Intel X86 processors.


  • Standard IPsec
  • Secure Multicast of IP
  • Dynamic exchange of encryption keys with over-the-air re-keying
  • Manual key request
  • Manual or over-the-air zerorizing