C-Fire EO

The C-Fire Electro Optical system delivers 24-hour detection, tracking, and engagement capability against the full range of naval targets.


The system’s combination of advanced Thermal Imager, TV camera, and eye-safe laser range finder provides the ability to engage targets out to the maximum effective range of all in-service naval guns. The system is designed to be operated as both a fire control system in ‘hostile’ scenarios and as a surveillance and identification device in ‘policing’ roles. The sensor suite is located in a naval proven, stabilized platform that enables 360° coverage. 

C-Fire EO is capable of controlling up to 3x separate gun mounts simultaneously, providing independent ballistic predictions for each gun. Targets from 4 different channels can be engaged simultaneously, i.e. from EO Director(s) and Track While Scan/System Tracks from the C-Flex C2 system.

C-Fire EO includes an Advanced Video Tracker for tracking the target from any of the two video sources of the EO Director. For larger vessels or because of blind arcs, it is often beneficial to have both a front and an aft director. C-Fire EO caters for easy addition of a second EO Director and related Video Tracking module.

C-Fire EO is fully integrated with the C-Flex command & control system and any C-Flex Multi Function Console operator can “take control” of it - in combination with any of the interfaced gun mounts.

C-Fire EO key operational features include:

  • Selectable search scan patterns to enable covert detection of targets
  • Slaving to target indications from associated systems such as surveillance radar
  • Thermal Imager and TV camera provide high resolution images for identification
  • High prf. eye-safe laser range finder provides accurate target range
  • Automatic detection and tracking of multiple air, surface, and shore targets
  • Production of a firing solution in anti-air, anti-surface, and naval gunfire support (NGS) engagements
  • Capable of interfacing to and controlling multiple weapons
  • Ability to receive spotting corrections in surface and NGS modes
  • Modes for warning shots and neutralizing shots
  • Fully integrated in C-Flex command & control System and operational from any C-Flex Multi Function Console.

Thermal Imager video tracking different targets (courtesy: GE Intelligent Platforms):


C-Fire EO Director installed on Type 23 Frigate

Day & Night Surveillance Operations
Radar plots and tracks can be identified by the use of color TV camera and Thermal Imager (Infrared camera) 

Electronic Binocular
The EO sensors enable operators to use the EO Director as an electronic set of binoculars, e.g. for visual verification of ship identities, Search & Rescue – finding a lifeboat or a man’s head in the water and for monitoring situations during interception and boarding operations.

Fully Flexible Operation and Control
The C-Fire EO allows for full operational flexibility as any Multi Function Console (MFC) operator can “take control” of an EO Director in combination with any of the interfaced guns. In case of malfunctioning of a MFC, any other MFC can take control and engage the target(s).

Multi Gun Control
Up to 3 guns can be controlled by the C-Fire EO simultaneously.

Lightweight EO Director
The C-Fire EO provides a compact lightweight director for outdoor installations, enabling the C-Fire to be suitable both for new-build projects as well as upgrade and modernization projects. 



  • Surveillance Mode (for policing operations)
  • Engagement Mode (for warning and neutralizing operations)
  • Training Mode (for virtual operator training) 
C-Fire’s Electro Optical Director – IOTA