C-Link Naval Link System

The C-Link Tactical Data Link module provides various Tactical Data Links for NATO customers and Terma Link for non-NATO customers. Multil-ink solutions are also available.


Tactical Data Link (TDL) is used to ensure exchange of a Common Operating Picture (COP) between cooperating units.  Whether this COP being airborne, sea- or ground- based, a TDL is required to exchange real-time tactical data securely and reliable. TDL enables interoperability working in an international environment.
C-LINK is the collective name for the various TDL supported by the Terma C-Flex Command & Control system.

C-LINK can be used onboard different platforms, such as: ships, helicopters, Maritime Patrol- and Surveillance Aircrafts, Headquarters or Operation Centres. 


Naval Datalink illustration - cover

C-Link illustration - click for larger image


C-LINK is the collective name for the various Tactical Data Link’s (TDL) supported by C-Flex.

For NATO nations C-Flex supports:

  • Link-11
  • Link-16
  • Link-22 (prepared for)
  • JREAP C.

As an alternative for non-NATO nations Terma offers

  • T-Link.

The T-Link interface implemented is based on the Link-16 data model.

The C-LINK implementation is a fully integrated application in C-Flex and based on intuitive Windows based Human Machine Interface (HMI)/Graphical User Interface (GUI), ensuring ease of use to the operators and requiring a minimum of training and education.


The fundamental types of information, for which a C-LINK application in C-Flex can exchange data, are:

  • Own Unit and Platform Status
  • Tracks
  • Track Management
  • Electronic Warfare
  • Anti Submarine Warfare
  • Intelligence
  • Commands
  • Engagements
  • Fighter Control / Mission Assignments
  • Points/Lines/Areas
  • Pointers
  • Free text

C-LINK supports various means of communication depending on the TDL solution chosen:

  • HF
  • VHF
  • UHF
  • SatCom
  • IP Networks (JRE/SimpleJ)