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C-Series - Maritime and Naval Systems Suite

Decision support system to better plan, coordinate, and command missions.


The C-Series maritime and naval systems suite provides a complete range of mission proven capabilities for maritime and naval forces to better plan, coordinate, command, and solve missions.
C-Series improves any task from securing the maritime domain to par¬ticipating in joint peace keeping missions. This includes shared and correlated situational awareness, synchronizing joint operations, and battle management.

The C-Series suite is modular and configurable and can be upgraded step-by-step with your growing need for support of flexible mission profiles. The C-Series suite supports standard mission profiles for law enforcement, interception, anti-piracy, search-and-rescue operations, and helicopter approach, as well as supporting Anti-Air Warfare (AAW) and Anti-Surface Warfare (ASuW).

The C-Series suite consists of matched products with exelent performance as Electro-Optical Fire-Control, 2D Air & Surface Surveillance radar, and data link. The C-Series suite is designed for high performance and low total cost of ownership for Offshore Patrol Vessels (OPV) , Patrol Vessels (PV), Fast Attact Crafts (FAC), and amphibious vessels like Landing Oplatform Dock (LPD), Landing Ship Tank (LST), etc.


C-Series PV

The C-Series suite is mission proven and adapt to the growing need for integration of sensors, effectors, and data link and supports short delivery time and low risk in the market for Maritime and Naval vessels.

C-Flex; Naval C2 System
C-Search; Naval Air and surface Surveillance Radar
C-Link; Tactical Data Link module
C-Guard; Naval Decoy Launching System
C-Fire; Electro Optical system
C-Sim; Simulation & Tactical C2 Training module