Radar Systems

Terma is the only radar sensor supplier specializing in affordable non-cooperative small target detection in extreme weather conditions.

Terma Radar Systems' mission is to provide high performing Surveillance Radar Systems to the global professional markets for security and safety applications.

Terma is the preferred radar system supplier on existing markets in the gap filler category between very large military radar systems and minor navigational radars.

Terma radars have been in the market for more than 60 years, giving us unique experience with producing quality radars systems that meet the customer's needs.

Portugal Sardao W 30 011_2010 - 234x 138 Coastal Surveillance Radar Terma is the only independent and non-exclusive radar sensor supplier within coastal surveillance. Golden _gate _bridge _San F_USA 234x 138 Vessel Traffic Services Terma is the only radar sensor supplier surveilling Europe from St. Petersburg to Barcelona including major ports. Naval_box Naval Radar Surveillance The Terma radar is the only radar sensor providing simultaneous small target detection and helicopter guidance. (Photo courtesy: DCNS) airport vignet Airport Surface Movement Radar The only airport ground surveillance radar sensor operational in more than 100 major airports throughout the world.
SCANTER 1002-02 - 234x 138 Ground Surveillance Radar Terma is the only affordable radar sensor supplier of open architecture, network-based, software-defined radars for security and safety applications. wind farm radar mitigation box Wind Farm Radar Mitigation Terma Radar Systems manufactures an air surveillance system providing interturbine visibility and detection and tracking of small air targets inside and around wind farms.