Ground Surveillance Radar

Terma is the only affordable radar sensor supplier of open architecture, network-based, software-defined radars for security and safety applications.


SCANTER 1002 Ground Surveillance Radar (GSR)

Based on thorough know-how and proven Solid State technology from market-leading SCANTER radar systems worldwide, Terma has developed the SCANTER 1002 Ground Surveillance Radar.

The SCANTER 1002 Radar System is specifically tailored to meet today’s increasing demands for security optimization and protection of critical infrastructure and installations such
as airports, power plants, borders, camps and harbors.

Area surveillance

In the ground surveillance segment where traditional electronic perimeter protection solutions typically only monitor the boundaries and lines, the SCANTER 1002 provides complete meter-by-meter coverage both outside and inside a physical perimeter for detection and tracking of slow (man or animal) and fast-moving objects (landing aircraft) at the same time.

The SCANTER 1002 Radar System is designed for surveillance of areas ranging from small airports to full border size solutions. With 360º surveillance and high update rates, the radar and its embedded tracker deliver constant real-time data that enables evaluation and behavior analysis of potential threats. The unique detection and tracking features of the SCANTER 1002 makes it a highly valued asset to maximize the time available for
assessment, decision, and possible intervention.

Ground Surveillance Radar on site close to coast line

Operational capabilities

Utilizing advanced signal processing, the SCANTER 1002 provides reliable operation under adverse weather conditions such as rain, fog, dust and snow.

The radar generates tracks with very low probability of false alarms and provides for discrimination between various intrusions, even in complex environments with many obstacles.

System integration

The open architecture design of the SCANTER 1002 facilitates easy integration with cameras and third-party surveillance systems, including Terma’s intelligent wide-area perimeter detection solution: T.react CIP. 

Key Benefits

  • Automatic wide area threat detection and tracking
  • Long-range detection of fast and slow-moving targets
  • Simultaneous handling of more than 100 threats
  • Scalable from small installations to border size solutions
  • Proven technology
    built on 60+ years of experience working in harsh environments
  • Easy integration to third-party surveillance systems




Transmission frequency Ku-band
Transmitted power 8 W
Instrumented range Up to 12 km
Detection range - person (1m2) 5.5 km
Detection range - vehicles (10m2 9.2
Detection range - heavy vehicles (100m2 12 km
Detection area Up to 542 km2
Minimum detection range 20 m
Power consumption 130 W
Power supply 115V-240V AC
Waveform Pulsed compression
Scanning 360o continuous rotation
Rotation rate 12 to 60 RPM
Angular accuracy < 2o
Range accuracy < 5 m
Antenna elevation tilt Adjustable
Max. number of tracked targets (TWS)    > 100
Weight 35 kg
Size (diameter, height) D 500 mm, H 850 mm
Control, tracks, and video interface IP network
Radar parameters Profiled and adaptable to the operational environment
User interface software Windows or Linux
Ambient temperature (operations) -25o to +60oC
Ambient temperature (storage)  -40o to +70o C