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Support & Services

Your mission – our support: Uninterrupted protection of coastal lines, harbors, airports, and critical infrastructure is crucial for national security, and continuous operation of command/control, surveillance, and self-protection systems is key to successful maritime missions. Terma provides the expertise and logistics support for keeping your surveillance and mission systems fully operational.


Terma has decades of hands-on know-how in supporting and maintaining mission critical systems in some of the world’s most hostile areas. Terma offers Through Life support of all our products to maximize operational availability, enhance platform lifetime, and ensure the best possible cost of ownership.

Global agility

Through a strong global presence and analytical tools targeted at service optimization, our support & services organization offers a flexible service concept ranging from transactional to fully managed services.



Maximize operational availability

With a Terma service agreement, our customers are guaranteed Through Life service and support. We know our products, and we strive to gain further insight into our customers’ use of mission critical systems to continuously improve our service offerings.

Our modular approach to service offerings allows key services to scale with any operational profile and organizational setup. The scalability ensures that each service agreement matches the level of support required, no more and no less.

When entering into a service agreement with Terma, all terms and conditions for the duration of the agreement are settled in advance to ensure transparency through known costs, known response times, and known delivery times for spare parts and services. This ensures that operational issues can be solved swiftly and in a flexible and robust manner.

Terma service agreements are available for all products in our surveillance and mission systems portfolio. 

Operational availability

With all new land based radars, Terma provides a Service Certificate. The certificate is your guarantee for clearly defined service levels and guaranteed performance at no extra cost during warranty period.




Terma offers the following core services:

Support: Assistance from Support Specialists at the Terma Support Center

Spare Parts Supply: Supply of spare parts

Field Services: Assistance from experienced Field Engineers

Repair: Repair and exchange services

Status Reporting: Formalized support and services status feedback

Training: Standardized and tailored training courses

Most of the core services are available at a variety of service levels, providing individual options to scale service agreements to match your requirements.

Service overview

In addition to the core services, Terma offers the following additional services:

User Documentation: Updated, translated or tailored user documentation

System Review: Health check and operational verification services

Modernization: Software and hardware modernization services

Management: Life Cycle Cost Analysis, Repair and Maintainability analysis, Provisioning Data and Codification services etc.




Operations Center

T: +45 8743 7000
E: support@terma.com


Mark Mahoney
Director, Surveillance & Mission Systems, TSS, BD
T: +1 614 264 7438
E: mark.mahoney@termana.com

North America - Management

Harold Falkner
Director, Business Operations
T: +1 478 333 2804
E: harold.falkner@termana.com

North America - Management
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