Terma Lifecare - Predictable Total Cost of Ownership

Terma Lifecare. The right service at the right cost – PredictableTotal Cost of Ownership.


Uninterrupted radar operation is crucial for national security and the safety of people. Therefore, we offer Terma Lifecare, an industry leading solution created to:

  • Protect Your Investment
  • Manage Risk of Downtime
  • Predictable total cost of ownership

Terma Lifecare is available for all products in our radar surveillance portfolio.

Intro _01_464Terma’s SCANTER radars are built on years of experience in protecting the maritime domain, borders, airports, harbors, and critical infrastructure. Uninterrupted radar operation is crucial for national security and the safety of people. Therefore, we offer Terma Lifecare, an industry leading solution created to: Protect Your Investment, Manage Risk of Downtime, and to provide Known Total Cost of Ownership

Reduced Total Cost of Ownership

Terma Lifecare is built on transparency and predictability. When entering a Terma Lifecare plan, terms and conditions are settled for the duration of the agreement.

  • Known cost for support and services
  • Known response, repair and delivery times
  • Descounts on spares, repair, service, and training

Subscribing to Terma Lifecare reduces your total cost of ownership and offers you predictability of future cost and running your equipment.

World Leader Within Radar Solutions

Terma has been a world leader within radar solutions for more than 70 years. Our 3,000+ Terma radar systems are protecting borders and critical infrastructure worldwide, finding people and ships in distress at sea, as well as keeping air traffic safe in airports and around wind farms.

Intro _02_464Globally, more than 2 billion airport passengers rely on Terma’s Surface Movement Radar every year


Optimal Radar Performance

Terma Lifecare is your guarantee for optimal radar performance:

  • Minimizing down time 
  • The market’s shortest lead times
  • Upgrades to the latest hardware and software

To guarantee optimal radar performance, Terma has resources standby and ready to support our Terma Lifecare customers.

Depending on your area of use, a well-maintained radar performing at its best, will have a positive effect on wind farm profitability (OLC/ADLS), traffic safety and efficiency (VTS/SMR), and keeping your borders, coastlines and maritime domain safe (surveillance).

Benefits _01Terma’s Obstruction Light Control (OLC) vastly reduces light pollution and increases public acceptance of wind farms, thus being a true enabler for a more sustainable energy grid


Benefits _02Naval Air & Surface Surveillance Radar for fully automatic volume surveillance and early detection of multiple simultaneous air- and surface targets



Terma Lifecare

Terma Lifecare is a set of services that are essential elements in obtaining operational peace of mind. Covering a broad palette of vital support and maintenance services, Terma Lifecare Service Level Agreements are relevant to all owners of mission critical equipment; agreements scale from single unit installations to countrywide solutions and are shaped to the individual customer by selecting the level of service for each service element that best matches customer demands, considering system scope, purpose and criticality, customer maintenance organization etc.

The Terma Lifecare Standard offering is designed to fit most customers needs for a standard after sales service level. Upgrade options are made available to those who require faster support and service reaction that what is available through the standard offering.

All Terma Lifecare agreements include set terms and conditions for the duration of the agreement to ensure transparency through known costs, known response times, and known delivery times for spare parts and services.


Terma Lifecare Service Offering, SECURITY


Terma Lifecare Service Offering, SECURITY Matrix imgClick matrix to download pdf version



Terma Lifecare Service Offering, NAVAL

Terma Lifecare Service Offering, NAVAL Matrix imgClick matrix to download pdf version






Services _01Terma Lifecare is available for all products in our radar surveillance portfolio

Lifecare Connect

Lifecare Connect

Value Adding Digital Services

Lifecare Connect is the digital service space associated with Terma Lifecare. The service offering consists of digital services that facilitates fast and easy maintenance support through secure communication channels.

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Lifecare Connect Monitoring

Imagine always being up-to-date with the current operational state of a radar system, even without necessarily having to be on-site. Through the Lifecare Connect iOS and Android app, authenticated users can monitor real-time system health data, live from one or more connected SCANTER radar systems.

Through the intuitive user interface, high and detailed level data is readily available and easy to interpret, thanks to the organized drill-down structure of the user interface.

Lifecare Connect Remote Support

Even though many issues can be resolved by telephone support, complex issues may require direct access to the operational radar system. This used to always entail field service call-out. Not anymore. 

With Lifecare Connect Remote Support, remote access to operational radar sites is obtained through an internationally certified remote connectivity framework (NIST SP 800-115 and IEC 62443 certified). The solution establishes a secure tunnel between the remote client and the radar site through which it allows only authorized and authenticated applications and users to connect to the radar. Two-factor authentication, embedded certificates and time stamped activity logging are some of the controls implemented to make the solution cyber-resilient.

By establishing a connection through the remote connectivity framework, Terma Operations Center can supply most support services without having to go on-site. The services include:

  • Diagnostics and Troubleshooting
  • System tuning
  • System configuration
  • Reporting


Lifecare Connect is available for most products in the SCANTER radar product portfolio. 

The Lifecare Connect Monitoring and Lifecare Connect Remote Support services are available for inclusion in all Terma Lifecare Service Level Agreements.


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