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Wind Farm Solutions

Wind turbines are great contributors in harvesting renewable energy. However, when grouped in large wind farms, they can have a significant effect on radars and specifically long-range Air Traffic Control Radars (ATC Radars) used for aviation. This issue has an impact on a safe and reliable radar surveillance.

As turbines grow larger and taller to optimize the power generated from the turbines, a requirement arises for high intensity obstruction light to maintain aviation safety. The high intensity obstruction light causes objections from local communities. These issues have previously been a major obstacle for developers for a successful deployment of wind farms. With Terma’s SCANTER radar solutions for wind farms, developers can benefit from Terma’s vast experience in Airport Surface Movement Radar, Vessel Traffic Services and Coastal Surveillance Radar applications.

Wind Farm Solutions
OLC - box Obstruction Light Control Terma’s OLC is based on proven and reliable technology, ensuring continuous operation and low maintenance costs. wind farm radar mitigation box Wind Farm Radar Mitigation Terma Radar Systems manufactures an air surveillance system providing interturbine visibility and detection and tracking of small air targets inside and around wind farms.