Advanced Aerostructures

Aerostructures Manufacturing is a world-leading supplier of advanced aerostructures for commercial and military aircraft. Since 1969, we have consistently set new standards in the aerostructures industry, where engineering precision, ingenuity, and quality are paramount for the safety of lives.

We work closely with our customers to develop an in-depth understanding of their critical requirements and provide world-class design and manufacturing that consistently meet their needs. Our constant focus on production innovation and quality assurance in all aspects of the process enables us to deliver customized, unique solutions from concept to final delivery.

A trusted partner

Our customers include the armed forces as well as major aircraft manufacturers such as Lockheed Martin Aeronautics, Northrop Grumman Corporation, BAE Systems, Marvin Engineering, General Dynamics, Boeing, Sikorsky, and Gulfstream.

Advanced aerostructures

With our highly trained and experienced engineering staff and cutting-edge composite facility, we manufacture parts for fifth generation fighters, commercial airliners, business jets, rotorcraft, and missiles. Beyond Built-to-Print (BTP) manufacturing, we create value for our customers by offering a full range of design and engineering services and have established ourselves as a low-risk, high-quality provider of composite structures at commercial terms and pricing.

Joint Strike Fighter (JFS)

Terma is a major global supplier to the F-35 Lightning II (Joint Strike Fighter), and supplies more than 70 unique parts. We have delivered carbon fiber composites for this fifth generation fighter since 2004. In June 2016, the Danish Government selected the JSF as Denmark’s future fighter aircraft.

Carbon fiber composites bonding process Advanced aerospace manufacturer For more than 25 years, Terma has supplied the most demanding commercial and military clients with high-performance metal and composite structures. F-35 Lightning II JSF fifth generation fighter aircraft Global supplier to the F-35 Lightning II Terma delivers more than 70 mission-critical parts for the F-35 Lightning II.