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Our Capabilities

We build on the premise that creating customer value is not just about strong engineering and manufacturing skills. It is also about being able to apply these skills in the context of our customers' needs.

Innovation with roots in proven technology

With lives and valuable material assets at stake, you need to trust the capabilities of your supplier of critical systems, but you also need to stay at the forefront. We got you covered.

F 16 Pilot Cockpit Royal Danish Air Force
Mission support


Your mission success requires proven technology and effective integration of subsystems. Our expertise within mission critical software and systems integration ensure you unsurpassed quality, value and reliability.
Avionics capabilities
 Coastal Surveillance, Bornholm, by Terma SCANTER Radar

Radar Systems

We are experts in advanced radar technology that help you to be prepared for any situation. Whether you work at a ship, at an airport, a seaport or as coast guard. We make sure you see even very small targets regardless of the weather condition.
Radar Systems capabilities
3C Terma Martime Safety And Security Solutions
Mission Management

Command & Control

We develop software and systems that gives you complete situational awareness and optimizes your decision support.
Command & Control capabilities
Terma2018 NY 6283

Manufacturing Services

We provide state-of-the-art manufacturing services for avionics and aerostructures. Our capabilities include complex power supplies for space missions are aircraft as well as advanced aerostructures in both metals and composites.
Manufacturing capabilities
arctic, patrol vessel, ice Royal Danish Navy
High Tech

Supporting Technologies

Through advanced technology, we enable our customers to stay at the forefront on any mission. Artificial Intelligence and cyber security are part of our many solutions that gives you an operational advantage.
Technology capabilities