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Proven Mission-Critical Software Platforms

Our intelligent software platforms for mission-critical activities is secure at the NATO SECRET level.

High Usability, Low-Cost Mission Software Platform

Commonality across platforms and devices not only allows for high usability, it also lowers costs for equipment, maintenance and training. That means minimal risk and high reward.

Our mission-critical software platforms have already proven its worth on numerous live missions. With our software technology, we present low system implementation risk and a cost-effective solution where all your existing and legacy equipment will be easily and seamlessly integrated. With high system flexibility, our mission-critical software can be customized to match your mission specific needs.

Discover Our Capabilities

For our different markets, we offer a variety of software solutions built on the same core software platform. This ensures that you will experience proven and stable technology. At the same time, you will have the freedom of a system designed for your exact requirements and needs.

Aircraft Survivability System

We offer customer-tailored solutions for Electronic Warfare. The solutions utilize our unique ALQ-213 controller, which is able to control and integrate any combination of sensors and countermeasure systems. It can be applied on any type of aircraft to make the subsystems work as one integrated system.

Embedded training — Save Ground Resources

Save training resources by simulating all imaginable combat scenarios. In a Terma Embedded Training (ET) setup, any combination of sensors and countermeasure systems can be simulated. This provides a complete training experience without the need to physically equip the aircraft with all subsystems. We call this a “Train as You Fight” setup.

Electronic Combat Adaptive Processing (ECAP)

Our Electronic Combat Adaptive Processing (ECAP) capability automatically allows for optimal threat response. This reduces pilot workload and maximizes effectiveness of countermeasures. Our ECAP capabilities are developed in close collaboration with the EW fighter jet community of pilots and technical specialists.

List of Simple Capabilities

Our capabilities include:

  • Embedded training
  • Scalable from a single PDA to field-networked clusters
  • Supports international links and protocol standards for joint missions and interoperability
  • COTS product, ensuring short delivery times and guaranteed service and support
  • Core software platforms to ensure seamless integration
  • Strong backbone of combat-proven software technology.

Related Solutions

Our solutions for Mission-Critical Software are designed to supplement NATO nations with commonality across platforms. Solutions are deployed in the following areas:

5A Electronic Warfare Danish EH101 Helicopter Ejecting Flares Overlay HeninngStaun.dk

Electronic Warfare

With our software platform, you get a complete Electronic Warfare management package with coherent and cost-effective solutions that provide your pilots with the freedom to integrate any EW sensor or effector of their preference.

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Joint ISR

Discover our solutions within shared situational awareness between allied nations. A secure and agile software platform is imperative to success when engaging in multi-domain, international operations.