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A Leading Aircraft EW Integrator

Rely on our experience from more than 2,500 fighter platforms. At Terma, we integrate any EW subsystem to create a superior electronic warfare suite that will suit the needs of any pilot — on any mission.

Independent and Renowned Avionics Integrator

Aerial warfare is stressful. Putting your warfighters at ease requires not only best-in-class sensor and decoy systems, but also systems they can rely on.

At Terma, we specialize in integrating preferred and best-in-class subsystems into a single, user-friendly electronic warfare management system. To meet the wishes of pilots, we integrate both our own and third-party subsystems, and we also retrofit next-generation sensors and chaff and flare dispensers into legacy platforms and pylons.

With our expert team of hardware and software engineers, your aircrew will be safe from incoming threats, no matter what aircraft they are flying.

Discover Our Capabilities

Electronic Warfare Sensor Fusion and Intelligent Decision-Making

By integrating all relevant sensors onboard your aircraft, our Electronic Warfare management system exploits all available data inputs to make ready and dispense the appropriate amount and type of flare and chaff.

By simply preprogramming the system’s self-defense mechanism before take-off, your warfighters stay in complete control of all integrated subsystems — even if countermeasures are fired automatically by the artificial intelligence built into our Electronic Warfare management system.

Multi-Function Display

By integrating all Electronic Warfare subsystems into a single electronic warfare management system, pilots can control all subsystems and functionalities from a single, multi-function display.

Minimizing the pilot-vehicle interface saves cockpit space and simplifies handling and operation of the aircraft’s countermeasure systems.

Retrofitting and Integration of Legacy Equipment

Upgrading aircraft to meet the challenges of modern fifth-generation warfare is often a costly affair.

However, by integrating modern sensors and effectors with your existing EW solutions and retrofitting them to your existing platforms, you not only prolong the lifetime of your EW system, but also allow pilots to retain their preferred equipment.

Unique Multi-Mission Pod

At Terma, we have developed a unique solution for air forces engaging in a variety of conflicts: the Multi-Mission Pod.

By integrating an array of different sensors and self-protection dispensers into a single pod, our solution can be easily modified to meet the needs of any mission. Furthermore, by integrating more systems into a single pod or pylon, your aircraft will be able to carry a larger alternative payload.

Commonality Across Platforms

Whether you are flying a fighter jet, large-body aircraft, or even a helicopter, our electronic warfare management system is available to you.

Just as we take pride in integrating any subsystem into our Electronic Warfare system, ensuring commonality across platforms is imperative to guaranteeing a smooth operation.

With full commonality across any airborne platform, we ensure swift support and service of any parts or software. In essence, you are provided with a commercial-off-the-shelf solution (COTS) that is ready to deploy.

The Terma Advanced Countermeasures Dispenser System (ACMDS)

Avionics We Integrate

At Terma, our primary profession is integration. Within the field of avionics, we integrate a large array of subsystems, including:

  • Radar warning systems
  • Missile warning systems
  • Laser warning systems
  • Direct Infrared counter measure systems
  • Jammers
  • Decoys
  • Flare and chaff dispensers
  • Organic recording systems

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Our avionic integration capabilities extend to a variety of areas. Read more here:

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Electronic Warfare Systems

We offer integration of jammers, dispensers, laser systems, and more. With our electronic warfare and self-protection expertise, your warfighters will stay safe.

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Audio Solutions for Pilots

With our unique in-helmet 3D-audio solutions, your pilots gain maximum awareness of all radio calls. Integrate all EW radio calls and keep the pilot in complete control.

F 35 Tone (1) Lockheed Martin

Advanced Aerostructures for Optimized Payload

Integrate state-of-the-art sensors and effectors into existing pylons. When our engineers modify your pylons and aerostructure, you get maximum protection at minimum cost.

5B C 130J Hercules Flares Terma EW Royal Danish Air Force

Mission-Critical Software

Integrate all sensors and effectors into your mission-critical software platform. Our platform is built on an open systems architecture that allows for full integration of both legacy and future Electronic Warfare subsystems.