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Automation: Keep Operators On the OODA Loop – not in it

With our automation solutions, you can remove trivial tasks and free up time and resources for more complex tasks.

Fielded AI and Machine Learning Capabilities

Our AI and machine learning capabilities are fielded and proven by real-world scenarios — allowing our clients to fully trust the capabilities of trained automation.

To customize your solution to your exact needs, we provide you with the ability to configure your own automations. This ensures that you are in full control.

Once the Terma AI engine is set up and the sensors and effectors are matched together, you are in complete control over which behavioral patterns you want your artificial intelligence system to follow.

Discover Our Capabilities

Automatic Target Detection

With Automatic Target Detection, all kinds of targets can be identified using video footage and radar images, effectively removing the most tedious operational tasks. The time saved for military operators or security officers cannot be underestimated. With our Automatic Target Detection, your personnel can focus fully on decision-making and execution that truly need a human eye.

Automatic Detection of Actions

With Automatic Detection of Actions, suspicious or aggressive behavior is identified so that military operators can choose an appropriate reaction. The incident and the response are recorded automatically so that they can be examined later.

Automated Large Area Surveillance

Our Automated Large Area Surveillance and perimeter defense are always highly esteemed by our clients. Intelligent analyses are made on surveillance images, which allow security officers to identify potential threats and prioritize responses in order of importance. By automating observation tasks and saving crucial minutes, officers are able to take timely action.

Detect Abnormal Behavior

Detection of abnormal behavior applies cross-referencing of data from different sensors. Suspicious behavior can be spotted and operators are warned of potential hidden threats in the environment. With our first-class pattern recognition technology, critical infrastructure is safe from hostile activities.

Drone Detection Solutions

Small drones are already used for surveillance and airdropping by hostile groups. Today, they account for a number of incidents that compromise both security and safety of critical infrastructure worldwide. With our Drone Detection solutions, your surveillance systems will automatically detect hostile drones and provide operators with full situational awareness.

Automated Mission Planning and C2

Automatic actions are initiated if an advanced threat, like a hypersonic missile, is detected. Automated Mission Planning and C2 give national and allied defenses an elevated level of self-protection, while still keeping operators in complete control of the threat response.

Multi-Domain Situational Awareness

Advanced, multi-domain situational awareness allows for detection of hostile activities across cyber and physical domains. The awareness is automatically rendered by cross-referencing data from multiple platforms and domains. Our automated C2, C3 and C4ISR systems increase collaboration and maximize both military safety and the security of critical infrastructure.

Related Solutions

Our automation solutions are designed to increase both security and safety by making life easier for operators across industries and military services. We deploy our automation capabilities in the following areas:

10A Terma Naval Combat Solutions Royal Danish Navy

Naval Combat

With automatic threat detection for naval defense, you remain aware of what is going on around your combat ship.

Coastline Bornholm, Denmark, protected by Terma radars

Coasts and Ports

With our automation services, coast surveillance units and seaports benefit from increased security and efficient capacity management.

Wind Farm, Tehachapi, California, United States

Wind Farms

Obstruction Light Control has been applied by an increasing number of wind farms. Light pollution is kept low by automatically turning lights on and off when an aircraft is near.

Aerial of nuclear power plant on California coast Ron Chapple Stock

Critical Infrastructure

With automation, the effective protection of critical infrastructure continues to rise. We aim for the perfect collaboration between human and machine.

Apache flares Upside down Ian Nightingale

Electronic Warfare System

We understand that the ultimate freedom of choice in self-protection is best obtained through pairing the human mind with machine learning.

20200514 Terma JIMAPS PTS 018

Joint ISR

When engaging in international missions, shared situational awareness between allied nations is imperative. And with automation, this happens at a striking pace.

Commandcontrol Decisionmaking Hero

Decision Support

Automation should not take over human decision-making — it should support it in the most empowering way imaginable.

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AI — The Future of Most Things

An increasing number of our automated systems rely on artificial intelligence. And the positive effects on security, safety, and man-hours are astounding.