Naval C2 System From Terma

Fielded and User-Friendly Interfaces for Easier Operations

Every day, our end-users face complex decisions in complex environments. The last thing they need is a complex system to navigate. That’s why we design our user interfaces carefully.

Simplicity of Information and Control

Our solutions provide an intuitive HMI that requires minimal training or instruction. Furthermore, gain value from modern displays with appropriate 2D, 3D and layered visualization options.

One solution we offer is the Naval Tactical Simulator (NTS), which provides tactical benefits through a synthetic representation of the naval battle space. For the air, we offer a range of displays that work with self-protection systems for high-level situational awareness. This includes integrated EW and self-protection displays for fighter jets, helicopters and transport aircraft. The system’s capabilities include a real-time, correlated threat environment picture provided to the pilot.

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Intuitive User Interface — Developed with End-users

Our intuitive interface has been developed in collaboration with active warfighters and allows your soldiers to visualize ground terrain in both 2D and 3D and to access relevant sea charts, weather data, and terrain analysis. By simply choosing which overlay to display, your operatives achieve comprehensive situational awareness.

Commonality Across Platforms

With commonality across platforms, you can rely on an enhanced level of situational awareness and interoperability. Results include high usability, low training costs and better conditions for collaboration across platforms, teams and units.

Central Target Subjects and POIs

Automatic prioritization of central target subjects and points of interest ensures maximum awareness and display clarity. With an overview of any POIs, keep an observant eye on static or moving targets and engage when needed.

Layered Display Interface

Our layered display interface provides you with a trouble-free understanding of different layers of information. The Common Operational Picture may consist of air, maritime, land and environmental pictures. Information comparing the current situation with the user’s envisioned orders and directives may be overlaid on top of the COP.

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Our solutions for situational awareness are creating value in the following segments:

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Maritime Safety and Security

The importance of knowing what is going on in the surrounding seascape cannot be overestimated. Our solutions for situational awareness meet this exact need.

Navalcombat Hero

Naval Combat

Our solutions provide vigilant threat detection and keep you aware of what is going on around your combat ship.

Aerial of nuclear power plant on California coast Ron Chapple Stock

Critical Infrastructure

Perimeter control and wide-area control allow you to detect events before they become incidents. Ensure complete situational awareness with our abnormality detection.

20200514 Terma JIMAPS PTS 018

Joint ISR

Discover our solutions for shared situational awareness among allied nations — an imperative when engaging in international missions.

Apache flares Upside down Ian Nightingale

Electronic Warfare

The user interface is the central point for making the right decisions at vital moments. It is where automated defense combines with the mind of the pilot.