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Detecting the undetectable

Superior situational awareness for drone challenges.

Superior Drone Detection

Today, drones pose one of the greatest threats to security of both people and places - particularly for critical infrastructure. It is especially the small to medium size drones which challenge traditional surveillance systems.

High performance with low false alarm rate

Full solution with multiple sensors and proven user interface

Long track record, with high customer satisfaction

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Different places, different drone challenges

Drone threats pose a challenge in many situations, which in turn leads to detection needs having to be different.

  • Protection of offshore assets mainly victims of unfriendly large, fixed wing drones either spying or being a threat to critical infrastructure
  • Critical Infrastructure like power plants, airports and borders all face both intentional threats and unintentional trespassers
  • Navy vessels are mainly a target of small drones when sailing close to land.

field proven SCANTER radar in a multi sensor set-up

Detecting drones sets high demands for your system’s intelligence. To minimize false alarms – the so-called false positives – your detection system must discriminate, for example, between birds, drones, and small airplanes.

With the SCANTER based drone detection solution, you get all that. To ensure maximum situational awareness, our drone detection system integrates with all sensor types, including EO and IR cameras, sonars, Terma radars and third-party sensors. By integrating several sensors into the system, you ensure better and more reliable detection results that diminish both false alarms and undetected entries.

Superior performance that meet all expectations

The radar is the most important sensor for drone detection and combined with other sensor types the performance of the full system will meet all expectations.

Combining the already excellent detection capabilities with advanced artificial intelligence classification, the SCANTER radar is now able to detect, track and classify small autonomous or remote-controlled drones.

Drone detection solution 

Our off-the-shelf drone detection solution consists of:

  • The SCANTER 5000/6000 series radar with the AI classifier that provides 360-degree surveillance and will detect and classify drones from other objects.
  • Long range EO and IR cameras that are used to help verify the drones visually (by utilizing AI) and follow the drones.
  • RF and other optional additional sensors that extend detection and identification capabilities.
  • Drone server that handles all Command and Control including multi sensor fusion, AI camera recognition and incident logging, enabling full debriefing replay.
  • Display and workstation where operators have a complete overview and control over actions.
Terma Drone Detection
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How to counter the drone threat

Drones are inherently hard to detect. Their small size allows them to slip through regular security and safety systems, making them a threat for most industries. With Terma’s long heritage within surveillance technology and integration of sensors and effectors into comprehensive, decision-focused dashboards, your demands for effective drone detection can now be met. Download our whitepaper and find out how we solve drone detection with proven technology.
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