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Working at Terma

Employment in Terma is either the start or the continuation of a career within a unique domain. 

Our strengths are dedicated professionalism, willingness to learn and improve, and strong relations between colleagues and customers worldwide. 

Unique solutions require talents. We make an effort to create an optimal environment for individual development through specific training as well as good leadership.

As a new employee, your immediate superior welcomes you with an intensive introduction program as well as a personal mentor. A good start is crucial for a long relationship. 



Want to work with advanced aerospace structures? 


Olivia Hortman
HR Generalist
T: +1 478 333 2825
E: olivia.hortman@termana.com

Terma North America

Terma North America is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer.

Our values
  • Act Globally
  • Deliver the promise
  • Work with integrity
  • Learn and improve
  • Show passion


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