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Provider of security on land, at sea and in the air. In space, we are engaged in reaching new frontiers.

We deliver advanced technologies to keep people safe

Our systems provide security for people on land, at sea, and in the air. In space, we are engaged in reaching new frontiers and enabling people on our planet to deal with new and future challenges.

Terma SCANTER Coastal Surveillance Golden Gate Bridge
Icon Area Ground Left Center

Ground-based solutions

For coastal surveillance, seaports, airports, wind farms, and critical infrastructure.
What we do on ground
Training Vessel MV Sycamore Royal Australian Navy
Icon Area Sea Left Center

Naval solutions

For naval surveillance, maritime safety and security, and naval combat.
What we do at sea
STOVL With Stores 3664 O Lockheed Martin
Icon Area Air Left Center

Airborne Solutions

Aerostructures, audio systems, airborne electronics, and electronic warfare solutions.
What we do in air
10825 A4 ESA - P. Carril
Icon Area Space Left Center (1)

Space programs

Electronics, software, and services for all phases of space programs.
What we do in space
BMD MG 1525
Icon Area Joint Left Center
Joint Missions

Missions on land, at sea, in air and space

Improve decision making on joint missions including air, sea, land, and space.
What we do