Seeing the unseen

With a series of well-proven components, we can build a ground-based radar setup that offers you low risk and high performance, no matter your needs.
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Radars for coastal surveillance, seaports, airports, wind farms and critical infrastructure

If you work with security and safety, you will probably agree it requires constant diligence. The sooner you see what’s coming, the faster you can react.

With Terma, you get radar solutions with small-target detection and bad-weather capabilities unlike any other solutions on the market. We can help you all the way from designing your setup and ensuring compliance, to integrating and maintaining a system that provides the clarity you need to see the unseen.

GROUND Termablue

System-independent solutions designed for low risk and high performance

Decades of delivering compliant systems for regulated application areas

3,000 radar setups and local representation across the globe

Coastline Bornholm, Denmark, protected by Terma radars
Coast & Ports

Protect your coastline and ports

Keeping coasts and ports safe and secure is a crucial task, which requires modern technology. We help you to oversee your coastline and keep track of vessel movements.
Solutions for Coast & Port
Sunset at airport Arne V. Petersen - Copenhagen Airport

Superior Airport Safety and Security

Ensure maximum safety and security at your airport. At Terma, we provide state-of-the-art surveillance solutions for both air traffic control and security guards, making every aspect of your airport run safely and securely.
Solutions for Airports
Wind turbine in the USA
Wind Farms

Approval from Authorities, Communities and Airports

When developing a wind farm, a major concern is keeping stakeholders satisfied. To achieve this, you essentially wish to avoid all the problems that wind farms can cause, including light pollution, radar interference and aircraft collisions.
Solutions for Wind Farms
Aerial of nuclear power plant on California coast Ron Chapple Stock
Critical infrastructure

Keep Your Critical Facilities Safe

Safeguarding your critical infrastructure means protecting essential assets. If major transportation hubs are threatened or if power and water supply is jeopardized, then so are the lives of the people residing in your country.
Solutions for Critical Infrastructure
Ground Based Air Defense 38 TOC IMG 8955 Diehl Defence

Integrated Air and Missile Defense

Protect ground units against complex ballistic missile attacks with our intelligent defense system. With abilities to automatically detect, classify, track, and prioritize incoming threats, your officers and operators maintain full control of any situation and threat scenario.
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