Prepare for the unknown

Our modular C-Flex Product portfolio lets you plan, coordinate, and command missions efficiently. All solutions can easily be upgraded as your needs change.
How to ensure maritime safety and security

Solutions for naval surveillance, maritime safety, and naval combat

Protecting people, assets, and sovereignty at sea requires constant diligence. The sooner you see what’s coming, the faster you can react.

At Terma, we provide you with enhanced situational awareness. Our market-leading radars, command & control, and self-protection systems are designed to prepare you for the unknown. Paired with our dedicated services and advisory team, we help your organization and your operators to be ever vigilant.

SEA Termablue

C-Flex Product portfolio combines a series of modules providing a complete range of key capabilities

More than 35 years of experience worldwide in designing, producing, and integrating systems

Standardized components and processes that allow us to deliver cost-efficient solutions

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3B Terma SCANTER Radar Naval Surveillance Emma Kirketerp, Royal Danish Navy
Naval Surveillance

Complete Situational Awareness at Sea

At sea, small objects easily hide among the waves. Only with complete situational awareness will you stay proactive in a threat environment.
Solutions for Naval Surveillance
3C Terma Martime Safety And Security Solutions
Maritime Safety & Security

Detect Any Violation – Detect All Violations

Securing your national waters and EEZ is no easy task. At Terma, we created our C-suite to make sure you pin down the maritime activities that require your attention.
Solutions for Maritime Safety & Security
IMG 7440
Naval Combat

Superior Protection of Your Territorial Waters

Day by day, the threats of your adversaries become increasingly sophisticated. For naval vessels tasked to protect your territory, this calls for advanced countermeasures and absolute situational awareness.
Solutions for Naval Combat
Forsvarsarkivet Sea Sparrow Firing From Frigate Absalon Henning Jespersen-Skree, Royal Danish Air Force

Integrated Air and Missile Defense

Protect vessels and ground units against complex ballistic missile attacks with our intelligent defense system. With abilities to automatically detect, classify, track, and prioritize incoming threats, your officers and operators maintain full control of any situation and threat scenario.
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