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Maritime Safety & Security

Pin down the maritime activities that require your attention.

Detect Any Violation – Detect All Violations

Illegal fishing, smuggling, dumping and unauthorized entry. The violations are many but distinguishing them from legitimate activities is a job for the diligent.

At Terma, we have specialized in detecting threats at sea. Through years of development, we have perfected our maritime safety and security systems, to identify any illegal activity within your exclusive economic zone. No area is too vast, no weather condition is too harsh, no object is too small – with our C-Flex Product portfolio for maritime commands, you get absolute situational awareness.


Our solutions build on off-the-shelf equipment and are ready for delivery any time and at any budgetmost of them are modular so they can easily be adapted to your future needs.

The C-Flex Product portfolio can be controlled by a single operator and use artificial intelligence to detect and prioritize points of interest in the seascape.

C-Flex ensures outstanding cooperation between units by providing a common situational picture for all levels of command and all platforms.

Trusted by navies and coast guards around the world

Today, our C-Flex Product portfolio is in active service in elite navies and coast guards around the world.

With more than 35 years’ experience of delivering high-quality systems for enhanced situational awareness, we bring not only the newest and most advanced technology to the table, but years of experience and know-how. Know-how that serves to provide your navies and coast guard with intelligent and comprehensive decision support.

With the C-Flex Product portfolio, your coast guard benefits from our long heritage as a mission proven systems integrator and C2, C3 and C4ISR supplier for allied navies. For the C-Flex, we have compiled all the knowledge and understanding of the maritime threat environment into an easy-to-use command & control system for patrol units.

At Terma, we consider maritime surveillance and security as one of our core business areas, and every year we dedicate thousands of hours to research and development to maintain our position as a world leader in technologies providing situational awareness.

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Cost Efficiency Without Compromises

The modular nature of our C-Flex allows for gradual updating of your platform capabilities, so your coast guard will be ready and able to respond appropriately as the maritime violations and encounters develop.

Our Maritime Safety and Security Solutions Offer:

  • Modular solutions that match your exact needs
  • Off-the-shelf hardware and software that ensure high flexibility at low risk
  • Reliable service and predictable cost of ownership with Terma Lifecare
  • Full integration with most existing sensors, which minimizes cost

Automatic Detection Empowers Operators

Officers and operators on small and medium-sized vessels rarely have just a single task to perform.

More often, operators have several responsibilities, making it of the utmost importance that they can work with high efficiency and maximum effectiveness.

Our C-Flex eases the strain on operators on OPVs, PVs, amphibious vessels and frigates.

By automating the tedious and fatiguing tasks of observation and sense-making, operators are free to concentrate on what matters the most: making qualified decisions and taking appropriate and timely actions.

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Maritime Mission System

C-Flex Patrol

Modular Maritime Mission System that strengthens the operational capabilities of maritime forces by providing situational awareness and interoperability.
Learn more about C-Flex
8B Terma Naval SCANTER Surveillance Radar Royal Danish Navy
Naval radar

Full Awareness of Surface and Airdome

Experience a radar image with unparalleled detail and let no acute incident pass undetected. Our SCANTER radars provide any naval platform with superior radar coverage and situational awareness at up to 96 nautical miles.
Naval Radar
C Guard Soft Kill Weapon System Royal Danish Navy

Stay Protected Against Coordinated Attacks

Keep your vessels protected from coordinated and complex attacks with our combat proven decoy launching system, C-Guard. C-Guard provide 360° protection against coordinated attacks from RF missiles, IR seekers missiles, and next generation torpedoes.
Learn about C-Guard

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Terma LifeCare

Life-long Service & Support

All products are eligible for our industry leading service agreement, Terma LifeCare. With Terma LifeCare you will minimize downtime, get hardware and software upgrades at reduced and known costs, get full transparency and knowledge of your system’s lifetime cost and much more.

3C Terma Martime Safety And Security Solutions

Command & Control

We develop software and systems that ensures you complete situational awareness that optimizes your decision support.
Learn about our C2 capabilities

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