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Visit the exhibition in Copenhagen from August 15th until early 2024


Terma at NIDV

Meet our team in Rotterdam, The Netherlands on 30 November 2023

5B C 130J Hercules Flares Terma EW Royal Danish Air Force

Terma at AOC Annual Symposium

Meet our team in National Harbor, MD on 11-13 December 2023

Wideareaprotection Earlywarning

Terma at World Defense Show

Meet our team in Ryiadh, Saudi Arabia on 4-8 February 2024

5A Electronic Warfare Danish EH101 Helicopter Ejecting Flares Overlay HeninngStaun.dk

Terma at AFA Warfare Symposium

Meet our team in Aurora, CO on 12-14 February 2024

12A Aircraft Landing In Airport Arne V. Petersen - Copenhagen Airport

Terma at Airspace World

Meet our team in Geneva on 19-21 March 2024

Windfarm Olc

Terma at WindEurope Annual Event

Meet our team in Bilbao, Spain on 20-22 March 2024

Electronic Warfare Hero Royal Danish Air Force

Terma at Farnborough International Airshow

Meet our team in Farnborough on 22-26 July 2024

Safe Unmanned Aircraft System Operations

Terma at WindEnergy

Meet our team in Hamburg, Germany on 24-27 September 2024

KD Jebat Frigate

Terma at Indo Defence

Meet our team in Jakarta, Indonesia on 6-9 November 2024