Terma Equips Hamad and Doha International Airport with Groundbreaking Enhanced Surface Movement Radars

Terma, a global leader in cutting-edge radar technology, is pleased to announce the successful deployment of five SCANTER 5602 Enhanced Surface Movement Radars (eSMR) at Doha airports.

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Comprising of four units at Hamad International Airport (DOH) and one at Doha International Airport (DIA), this milestone collaboration with the Qatar Civil Aviation Authority (QCAA) reinforces Terma's commitment to advancing aviation safety and efficiency.

Installed progressively from April 2022 to January 2024, these pathbreaking state-of-the-art radars offer a major upgrade to air traffic management at Hamad International Airport and Doha International Airport. The SCANTER 5602 is an extended version of Surface Movement Radar (SMR), designed to not only enhance ground movement surveillance but also to detect airborne objects, ensuring comprehensive airspace coverage.

One of the distinctive features of the eSMR is its capability to detect the last 9600 meters of aircraft approach, significantly enhancing safety during critical phases of flight. Unlike traditional radar systems, Terma's eSMR is a unique product, making it a one-of-a-kind solution in the aviation industry.

The innovative technology of eSMR also allows for reduced separation between aircraft during approach, striking a balance between increased efficiency and uncompromised safety. It facilitates seamless integration into both landing and takeoff procedures, optimizing airspace utilization at Hamad International Airport.

"With the successful installation of the SCANTER 5602 Enhanced Surface Movement Radars at Hamad International Airport and Doha International Airport, we have set a new standard in air traffic management," says Kristoffer Engelbæk, Global Sales Manager at Terma. "This unique product not only enhances safety but also ensures a smooth transition between different radars and systems in the approach, eliminating zones without supervision."

“Terma e-SMR’s are outperforming other SMR’s on the market and QCAA Air Navigation Department is fully satisfied with the performance and data quality delivered by the systems. Having updates even on airborne targets every second even several miles away from the antenna location is contributing to safe operations. Responsiveness and dedication of the Terma Team and all involved local partners is outstanding and QCAA Air Navigation Department is looking forward to a long-term relationship”, says Ahmed Al Eshaq, Director of Air Navigation Department.

Terma's dedication to advancing aviation technology underscores its commitment to global safety standards. The collaboration with QCAA in the deployment of the radars in two major international airports exemplifies the company's role in shaping the future of air traffic management. As air travel continues to evolve, Terma remains at the forefront, providing cutting-edge solutions to meet the challenges of the modern aviation landscape.

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