Terma Partners with Luleå University of Technology to Enhance Space Innovation

Terma, a leading provider of advanced space technologies, is thrilled to announce a strategic partnership with Luleå University of Technology aimed at fostering collaboration and knowledge exchange in the field of space exploration.

Olle Persson, Günther F. Lackner, and Rene Laufer
From the left: Olle Persson, Centre of Excellence, Luleå University of Technology, Günther F. Lackner, Senior VP Space & Managing Director at Terma, and Rene Laufer, Professor and Head of Subject Space Systems, Chaired Professor at Luleå University of Technology

Terma, known for its cutting-edge flight equipment, spacecraft operation solutions, and testing services, signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Luleå University of Technology (LTU) in Søborg, Denmark, on 11 June 2024. This partnership will focus on knowledge sharing through internships, testing opportunities, and joint project cooperation, leveraging the expertise of both entities to drive innovation in the space industry.

“Today's signing of the Memorandum of Understanding with Terma is a pivotal moment for our university. This collaboration will leverage our shared knowledge and resources to boost advancements in space technology and create unique learning experiences for our students”, Olle Persson, Manager Centre of Excellence, Division of Space Technology, Department of Computer Science, Electrical and Space Engineering.

The signing of the MOU marks the beginning of a promising collaboration between Terma Space and LTU. Both organizations are looking forward to a fruitful partnership that will drive innovation, research, and development in the space sector.

Günther F. Lackner, Senior VP Space & Managing Director at Terma, states: 

“At Terma Space we are successfully collaborating with a number of Universities in Denmark and abroad. This MOU will further strengthen our capabilities to develop future technologies and products to serve our customers around the world. LTU, and especially their space campus in Kiruna offers great potential for cooperation. Their staff and students are very dedicated and work at a high level of excellency.”

Terma’s comprehensive portfolio of space products and services, including Remote Terminal Units, Power Conditioning Units, Mission Control Systems, and Electrical Ground Support Equipment, has been instrumental in supporting over 75 space missions since 1972. With a strong presence across Europe, Terma is well-equipped to provide tailored solutions for a wide range of space projects.

As Terma continues to pioneer advancements in space technology, the partnership with Luleå University of Technology signifies a commitment to fostering collaboration, innovation, and excellence in the field of space exploration. Together, Terma and LTU are poised to make significant contributions to the future of space missions and beyond.

About Terma Space 
Terma Space is a leading provider of advanced space technologies, offering a wide range of flight equipment, spacecraft operation solutions, and testing services. With a proven track record of supporting mission-critical projects, Terma Space is dedicated to delivering reliable and innovative solutions for the space industry.

About Luleå University of Technology
Luleå University of Technology is a renowned Swedish university known for its expertise in technology and innovation. With focus on research and education, LTU plays a key role in driving advancements in various fields, including space exploration and engineering. Learn more on their website.

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