Coast of Bornholm, Denmark, coastal surveillance by Terma radar

Coastal Surveillance

At Terma, we provide radar surveillance of the coastline to detect and track all types of surface vessels and air targets.

Do you have a confident situational picture of what is going on in your territorial waters?

Our Coastal Surveillance solution helps protect coastlines and the maritime domain. It is based on our world-renowned SCANTER radar and detects targets at a range exceeding IALA advanced requirements. The radar can separate multiple (non-cooperative) surface and air targets in close proximity, in all weather conditions (sea stages), which is important for SAR missions in low visibility, but also to protect your natural resources from illegal fishing, track and control foreign vessels, and fight criminals wanting to get access to your territorial waters or the main land. 

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Protecting your Coastline and Maritime Domain

SCANTER radars can provide fully automatic volume surveillance and early detection and tracking of multiple simultaneous air and surface targets. With an extended horizontal detection range of up to 96 nmi, one SCANTER radar can provide up to 98,000 km2 of situational awareness. This includes a confident situational awareness picture of what is going on in your waters, from merchant vessels, small boats, jet skis, aircraft, helicopters, ultralights, and other small non-cooperative targets.
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World Leader in Detection Technologies

We have been a world leader within radar detection technologies for 70 years. Our 3,000+ radar systems are protecting borders, harbors, airports, coastlines, and wind farms worldwide. More than 85% of all major airports around the world and 65% of all coastal surveillance radar systems rely on our sensor technology.

Radar surveillance benefits

How our radar solution helps protect your coastline and the benefits you get.

Real-Time Recording Capability

For tasks related to policing, boarding, inspection, or fishery control, the recorded radar video feed can be a powerful tool in any legal dispute. Recorded radar tracks are very important in tracking down environmental violations at sea. By having access to recorded radar video, you get the opportunity to find patterns in illegal activities, from where it originates, and other implicated vessels.

Off-Shore Installations

Oil/gas rigs and off-shore wind farms are critical infrastructure and need to be protected accordingly. Our Coastal Surveillance solution can have special security zones for e.g. oil/gas rigs and provide automatic alerts if vessels or aircraft are entering. To increase the reach of your Coastal Surveillance solution, our SCANTER radars can be placed on off-shore installations and are approved for installation on oil/gas rigs.

Protecting Natural Resources

Looking out for protected areas and national marine parks is important for generations to come. Our Coastal Surveillance solution provides a great capability to track and record the illegal activity, find the mothership, and use the recorded radar image in a court of law.

Terma Radar Protecting Coast Of India

Maritime Monitoring

The maritime domain is vast and remote and can easily be trespassed by illegal immigrants, smugglers, and terrorists. Our SCANTER radars provide early warning and tracking of non-cooperative targets (e.g. small go-fast boats, monoplanes, and even semisubmersibles) to intercept potential threats before they can cause harm.

Territorial Waters

With a SCANTER radar, you keep a constant eye on foreign vessels to provide: Environmental protection: track potential polluters, protection of off-shore assets, e.g. oil rigs, recording of radar track for evidence and track and control foreign vessels in national waters.

Search & Rescue

The combination of simultaneous detection of small surface targets and helicopter control makes our SCANTER radars a valuable asset in supporting SAR operations. The clear radar picture provides an outstanding situational picture of the vessels and helicopters participating in the SAR operation and the ability to guide the participating parties to the vessel or person in distress.

Coastal surveillance solution

Automatic Environmental Adaptation

To provide a confident domain awareness, regardless of weather conditions, SCANTER radars come with adaptive suppression of sea and land clutter reducing the load on the operator. The result is a clear, high-resolution situational awareness picture.

Operational Profiles

Our SCANTER radars support pre-defined profiles customized to support for example policing, inspection, or SAR, and ensure a clear and confident high-resolution situational awareness picture.

Power Sector Transmission

Large stationary targets like buildings and mountains cause strong echoes. To mitigate interference from strong echoes, we offer a power sector mode. This feature allows for controlling the transmitted power in up to 16 individual user-defined sectors.


Our Coastal Surveillance solution provides 360 degree coverage (24/7) of up to 98,000 km2 of coastal surveillance. SCANTER radars for Coastal Surveillance can be placed on land and off-shore to provide as much flexibility as possible, and additional SCANTER radars can be added as demands change to increase coverage.

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Support & Services

Uninterrupted protection of the maritime domain is crucial for national security. Terma provides the expertise and logistics support for keeping your product fully operational. We offer dedicated services such as preventive and corrective maintenance, spare part handling, repair and overhaul services, training, documentation, and platform modernization; all with the purpose of obtaining the highest level of operational availability for critical solutions.

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