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Power SCOE

Ensure your satellite operates smoothly with our reliable solution for power, monitoring, and testing.


Terma Power SCOE (Special Check-Out Equipment), the go-to solution for powering, monitoring, and testing your satellite’s subsystems, during assembly, integration and testing. It provides comprehensive diagnostics, ensuring all power components function optimally before and prior to launch.

Eco-friendly solution with 95% output efficiency

Fully digital, therefore agile and configurable

UL/FCC certified for unmatched Safety and Compliance


All-in-one power testing device for space industry

The core of the Power SCOE is a fully digital software defined power supply univerSAS® 2.0, with minimal footprint and low energy consumption UniverSAS® is a very compact, all-in-one power testing device designed for space industry environments. A SAS (Solar Array Simulator), battery simulator, launch power supplies, pyro / thermal knife SCOE and payload load simulator ensure that your satellite’s power supply is in perfect condition for the launch and prepared to perform flawlessly for its entire lifespan.

Power Distribution Unit

Enhance your power management with Internal Modular Power Distribution Units (PDUs) from Terma, designed to streamline power distribution, prevent overloads, and enable real-time monitoring in your setup. Benefit from the flexibility to add functionalities as needed, keeping costs low by using similar components across variants. With Terma, you have a solution that aligns with specific requirements, providing you with the reliability and efficiency needed for seamless power distribution in your environment.


Optimized Satellite Power Control

Experience unparalleled performance with Terma Power SCOE. Its fully digital bi-directional power supply not only minimizes hardware requirements and power consumption but also enhances efficiency and facilitates precise power management.

Adaptable Power Solution

Terma Power SCOE showcases exceptional adaptability, designed to seamlessly adjust to changing market demands. Equipped with cutting-edge features like cybersecurity and self-calibration technology, it ensures long-term utility and cost-efficiency by reducing the need for frequent modifications, replacements, or upgrades.

Customizable and Reusable Platform

Terma Power SCOE provides highly customizable platform. Choose the exact types (Solar Array Simulator, Battery Simulator, Battery Conditioning Equipment, PCDU simulator, Load simulator, Pyro lines simulator, Umbilical simulator, launch equipment, FLAT SAT) needed for your project to ensure optimal resource utilization and avoid unnecessary expenses.

Advanced Cybersecurity in Terma SCOE

Terma has effectively integrated Cyber Security into Power SCOE and related equipment, following a detailed security analysis based on relevant Cybersecurity Standards. Our comprehensive cybersecurity enhancements include system software upgrades, adherence to standards like ISO/IEC 27000 and NIST 800-171, and robust cyber threat mitigation mechanisms.

Build-in Protection Unit (second-level protection SLP)

In case of an anomaly, our Protection Unit for Satellite Testing (ProUST) provides an additional protection layer that works independently of the main power supply in order to prevent a single point of failure. With a protection reaction time of 20 μs, ProUST is your satellite’s safety net that steps in when all other systems fail.

Build-in additional DAQ

Power SCOE comes with build-in additional DAQ (data acquisition), enhancing its functionality by enabling precise monitoring and analysis of satellite power systems. This integrated DAQ system allows for real-time data collection and interpretation, ensuring higher reliability and efficiency in satellite testing and validation processes.

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