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Software validation Facilities

Transform your spaceflight software development with our premier Software Validation Facilities—engineered for peak efficiency and precision in your testing process.

State-of-the-Art Solution for Efficient Spacecraft Onboard Software Development and Validation

Launch your spacecraft software development into a new orbit with Terma’s Software Validation Facilities. Our advanced suite is meticulously designed to simulate and test spacecraft software, bypassing the need for physical flight computer hardware.

With a comprehensive toolkit including a sophisticated flight processor emulator, detailed hardware models, and robust closed-loop testing systems, our suite delivers unparallelled accuracy in simulation and validation. The Terma testing environment streamlines onboard software debugging, configuration, patching, and development— delivering quality software using cost efficient tools.

Unparalleled accuracy in functionality emulation and timing simulations

Models validated against unmodified hardware tests

Complies to the latest ECSS-SMP and ISIS standards


Learn about state-of-the-art spacecraft onboard software development and validation with Terma’s validation facilities.

Unrivalled Performance and Adaptability Across Computing Landscapes

Optimize your performance and reduce operational expenses by leveraging cutting-edge processor architecture support with the Terma Emulator (TEMU).
TEMU ensures your software functions in the most demanding environments, delivering top-tier performance and flexibility.

Authentic Hardware Test Validation

Assure the functionality and timing accuracy of your onboard software with our models validated with the same tests as the OBC Hardware. This rigorous process involves executing unmodified hardware tests on our software models, guaranteeing a thorough validation process with unmatched accuracy to ensure your systems perform flawlessly in space.

Proven Compliance and Reliability

Mitigate regulatory risks with a validation methodology endorsed by the European Space Agency's (ESA).
Our facilities are tailored to adhere to ESA's standards for all missions and ensures your software’s reliability and regulatory compliance for ambitious space endeavors.

A Legacy of Space Mission Success

Join forces with a revered ally and trusted partner in space exploration. Our Software Validation Facilities have played a pivotal role in over 75 missions, contributing to the groundbreaking projects like Euclid and Rosetta, ensuring the software’s reliability at launch.
Leverage our extensive experience from more than 30 years of building spacecraft simulators for commercial and institutional science missions—including deep space missions.

Euclid above Earth in space.
Case study

The Euclid Mission

Discover our pivotal role in the 2023 Euclid Mission led by ESA, where we developed the Software Validation Facility and a specialized Operational Simulator. These systems flawlessly executed onboard software, providing an authentic testing environment crucial for development, pre-launch training, and post-launch operations, ensuring the mission's success—even in the face of unexpected anomalies.
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