F-16; pilot and videomakers and photographer; on ground

Enhanced Operational Uptime on Aircraft

With our air services, we support high operational uptime, which allows your aircraft to be operated as frequently as possible and at the lowest cost.

At Terma, we offer a variety of services that we are ready to adapt to your needs. When entering into a service agreement with us, you obtain peace of mind by knowing that we have your back and will take care of any technical issues you might face in the future.

We know that offering the best support on the market is vital for keeping your crew safe.

Within aircraft services / Aeronautic Services, we offer bespoke, service agreements. This provides you with tailored solutions specific for your operation.

quality certifications

We are an established industry leader organization that upholds all rules and regulations. We apply industry best practices and have earned the following quality certifications:

  • AS9100D accreditation
  • Part 21 Approval


Our air services include:

Operational support

Our highly qualified support team is only a phone call away and ready to provide immediate support.

Maintenance and repair services

We know that platform availability is of the utmost importance. That’s why we offer short turnaround times and can design alternative parts or repairs.

Logistics services

We provide logistics services ranging from a single part to complete spare parts programs.

Test services

We develop independent test systems and test program sets, and we have a variety of environmental test facilities.

Reliability management

Our vast experience and decades of fielded products provide us with a wealth of data to support you with data analysis or developing (big) data platforms.

Obsolescence management

We can provide obsolescence management support via reporting activities, as well as by developing alternative solutions to ensure product life cycle requirements.


We can assist your organization with electronic warfare training (either generic or product-specific).


We always provide the right documentation to support your operation.


We provide on-site specialists to support you with specialized expertise, such as our systems engineering specialists for systems troubleshooting or technical requirements based on your operational needs.

Biggest Ever F16 Contract Secured Royal Danish Air Force

Global support

We operate global repair and support facilities in Denmark, the Netherlands, the U.S., Dubai, and Singapore.
IMG 0901 Royal Danish Air Force

Spare part supply, repairs, and technical support

We know our products, and we use all of our knowledge, processes, and facilities to support them. You will benefit from our extensive knowledge of electronic warfare design and systems integration, our test facilities and systems, and our extensive electronic production and repair capabilities.

Complete service portfolio

We have a complete service portfolio to support mission success.

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If you have any questions about our Air Services, please send us a message.