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For all ground based SCANTER Radar Systems, coastal as well as in land, Terma offers courses covering all aspects of maintenance and operation including troubleshooting and continuous performance optimization. Take advantage of the full courses when acquiring a new SCANTER Radar System or onboarding new staff or use the refresh courses to brush up on previous knowledge in the existing Terma qualified maintenance organization.
Ground-based Radar Courses
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For naval SCANTER Radar Systems, Terma offers maintenance courses at both O-level and I-level to help ensure optimal utilization and minimum downtime even when ships are at sea and external onboard assistance is inaccessible The courses are suited both in relation to new systems and to educate replacement crews.
Naval Radar Courses
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Terma offer several different courses, giving the crew the skills to perform both O-or I-level maintenance on the C-Guard systems at both system, unit and component level. Operator Training and even Super User courses are also available for the C-Guard system, to prepare the operators for all operational scenarios.


The C-Flex and C-Flex Patrol are both versatile and scalable Command & Control systems. But no mater the complexity of your C-Flex system, Terma offers both O- and I-level maintenance on the full system. Operator Training is also available to prepare the operators to get full advantage of the C-Flex system when it is needed.

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