Wide area protection

T.react CIP is the fastest and most precise way of detecting, identifying, and tracking both internal and external perimeter threats in areas where business continuation is a matter of national importance.


T.react CIP

Today, most critical infrastructure is protected by fences and walls which are easily breached. Traditional electronic perimeter protection solutions typically monitor these outer boundary structures and lines, thus ignoring threats from the inside. In addition, these technologies quickly become obsolete investments once a subject has breached the line. 

With T.react CIP, you get total meter-by-meter coverage of large areas. Both outside and inside your perimeter. This is possible due to a system that is engineered to analyze and fuse overlapping data from multiple intelligent detection sensors and cameras. T.react CIP provides a single coherent picture of activity in your entire area. 

T.react CIP is designed to be the most advanced intelligent wide area perimeter detection security solution. A system which provide maximum levels of security, situational awareness and control of your external environment, regardless of size. A solution designed to greatly improve your chances of preventing a disaster from happening in the first place.


  • Automatic wide area threat detection, tracking, and identification
  • Simultaneous handling of  both internal and external threats
  • Unsurpassed user interface
  • Scalable from smaller installations to border size solutions
  • Proven technology built on 60+ years of experience working in the harshest environments
  • Easy third party sensor integration to allow best possible solution at all times.


T.react CIP

The T.react CIP system ensures that all relevant events are automatically detected, analyzed, prioritized, and presented according to severity - allowing the operator to focus his attention on things that matter whilst the system sorts the action from distraction. The system is designed to provide the means of identifying and tracking a threat, not just detecting and classifying it. 

In most crisis situations, events escalate quickly and unpredictably. Every second counts, as you frantically try to both understand and regain control of the situation. Time and control are the two key factors when  emphasis is on preventing a disaster from happening. T.react CIP has been designed to greatly enhance this capability, by presenting only relevant and accurate early warning information to your operator. This logical and automatically presented information allows reaction in the least amount of time possible.

T.react CIP enables you to apply your resources more precisely

Terma has more than 30 years of experience delivering command and control systems for use in extreme conditions and hostile environments around the world. Operations which require a minimal operator load in order to minimize mistakes under extreme pressure. This know-how has been vital in order to create the world’s most advanced intelligent wide area perimeter detection solution, T.react CIP. A system where complexity has been taken out of an otherwise complex working environment.

Most of the world’s largest ports and airports are already relying on a Terma surveillance or security solution, given our 60+ years of experience with development of radars. 85% of all major airports around the world and 65% of all coastal shores rely on Terma’s sensor technology, for unprecedented small land ,sea and air target detection in extreme weather conditions.


T.react CIP

To allow efficient decision making, you need the right information at the right time. T.react CIP automatically provides this information in a simple and intuitive way, enabling you to be in control and apply your resources in the most effective way.

With T.react CIP, we have carefully avoided an array of drop-down menus and video windows that hide other vital information. We have done so in order to provide a new and unique user experience.  We have maintained particular focus on the real-time situational awareness picture along with the intelligence that controls the automatic target prioritization. This focus allows both operators and those in charge to coordinate, command, and apply an accurate response in an emergency situation, rather than concentrating on pushing buttons and controlling a small cursor.
T.react CIP - simplicity in the way that information is presented and simplicity in the way that the system is controlled.

CIP Console april 2020T.react CIP provides the right information at the right time

White paper

Nuclear Power Plant Perimeter Security

There is a constant focus on the security of nuclear power plants, not least due to recurring events of terrorism. This white paper describes how to take current perimeter secu-rity to the next level through Intelligent wide area perimeter detection solutions.

High Security Level
Since 1954, when the first nuclear reactor was connected to an electric grid, nearly 500 nuclear power plants have been built around the world. Even before 9/11, security standards at each facility have been higher than in any other comparable civilian industry. After 9/11 and with the growing threat of terrorist activity, billions of dollars have been spent trying to ensure that the industry stays one step ahead of its potential attackers.

 Treact -CIP_whitepaper _464

Nuclear power plants are by default very robust structures that, by design and construction, are very difficult to penetrate. The combination of robust structures, well-armed professional security forces, and multiple layers of backup safety systems including both physical and electronic security measures  provides layer upon layer of safety and security. Plants also adhere to “concentric circles of escalating security” whereby the perimeter area is divided into:

1. “Owner-controlled areas”; typically the outer perimeter at a sufficient distance from the reactor where minimal security is needed.
2. “The protected area” where access is more restricted and both physical and electronic countermeasures are used.
3. The innermost circle, also called the “vital area”, where security measures are escalated further and the safe shutdown of the reactors can take place.

To retain a constant state of security readiness, mock exercises comprising an attacking force are used to evaluate the success with which a nuclear power plant can withstand a number of threat scenarios. In today’s world, this means being able to protect against attacks from multiple entry points, in armored vehicles or airplanes by persons who are willing to kill or be killed. In all exercises however, plant personnel are informed beforehand to avoid the use of lethal force hurting anyone.

Therein lays the problem. Training is necessary, however, it can give a false estimate of the actual physical reaction time, such as when the surprise is total, and the event is real.

Situational Awareness
In addition to good counterintelligence, the key element of winning against a surprise assault is therefore time. Time to understand exactly what is happening, time to determine the level of response, time to shut down. and time to neutralize at perhaps multiple locations before damage, potentially catastrophic, occurs.

Mission-critical command and control systems used in military environments around the world can handle multiple intelligent sensors such as radars, thermal sensors, advanced weapon systems, and critical data in order to provide operators with the decision-making data they need. Like in all layered security-solutions using multiple sensors, detection devices, cameras, access controls, and alarms, the operator quickly becomes both the strongest and the weakest link in the security plan. Failure to understand the situation fast enough at the operator level can in worst case render vital countermeasures obsolete.

Intelligent Wide Area Perimeter Detection
In 2010, Terma started a project to address issues that are vital to critical infrastructure protection in the commercial market:

  • To provide an operator environment that is simple and intuitive through automation, data fusion, and minimization of secondary information. Presenting highly accurate and prioritized data in an ergonomically and simple way to the operator.
  • To deliver this information at a speed never seen before in the commercial market whilst enabling the operator to maintain control over his area of responsibility despite multiple events taking place simultaneously. Early warning through intelligent sensors and direct and relevant playback of an incident within milliseconds rather than seconds to allow for a complete and fast understanding of events.
  • To introduce system stability and robustness not least through a redundant infrastructure that is required when protecting assets of national importance.
    To obtain all this, you need an Intelligent wide area perimeter detection solution that automatically detects, identifies, and tracks both internal and external perimeter threats in areas where business continuation is a matter of national importance.

Terma is one of the leading providers of this type of system. Based on over 30 years of providing mission-critical command and control systems, we have developed T.react CIP, a commercial platform for Intelligent wide area perimeter detection.